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A Diverse and Inclusive Workplace Enabled Uyen Cao to Unleash Her Full Potential

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uyen-cao-2-2x1-1.pngMeet Intel’s Uyen Cao and learn about her remarkable career journey at Intel Vietnam.


Uyen Cao is the industrial engineering director of Intel Products Vietnam and has been with the site since 2008. Her department is in charge of factory planning for capacity, equipment supply- chain, and space, helping establish the Vietnam-based factory as a manufacturing powerhouse with optimized efficiency and productivity. She holds a Master of Industrial Engineering from Purdue University and Bachelor of Chemical Food Engineering from the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology.

The Work Environment That Unleashes Employees’ Full Potential
Looking back at her career journey, Uyen is proud to have grown together with the site’s enthusiastic and energetic workforce, enabling the Vietnam Assembly and Test Factory to overcome various challenges over the years to become a major player in the Intel manufacturing network. Uyen credits the site’s success to “the diverse workforce, inclusive environment, and fearless culture where everyone is listened to and encouraged to voice their ideas, to challenge the status quo, and continuously improve.” This type of environment is vital for personal development as well, she says. “Since I first joined Intel, I have had ample opportunities to get involved in activities that helped me acquire a well-rounded development, be it technical and soft skills trainings, teaching classes, engagement with universities, being mentored and mentoring, or community service and volunteering. Additionally, the cross-site collaboration within Intel provides a unique opportunity for us to be exposed to a truly global environment where we work with partners from all over the world daily, delivering results together and growing global competencies.”

A Passionate Leader
As a leader, Uyen emphasizes building her team’s capability and inspiring their motivation to achieve sustainable growth in a dynamic business environment. In recent years, Intel Products Vietnam has rapidly ramped up its capacity and product profile to support the high demands from its customers. As of March 2020, the factory had shipped 2 billion products, and it can produce 25 units of chips and devices per second. With ramping priorities and challenges identified, Uyen set out a framework and structure to enable her team and partners to take charge of driving the complex ramp planning and execution. She believes that if people feel trusted to make things happen, they feel valued and can become the best versions of themselves in turn.

Uyen is a passionate advocate of diversity and inclusion, and an activator of the Vietnam chapter of the Women @ Intel Network, an employee resource group aimed at empowering women to thrive through advocacy, meaningful connections, and strategic opportunities. She not only delivers technical and soft skill trainings, but also engages in coaching and mentoring of engineers. “There are a lot of learning and development opportunities at Intel Products Vietnam. All you need to do is charge up your energy and go for them,” says Uyen.

To the next generation, Uyen has these words of encouragement: “Be fearless, keep learning and improving every day.”


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