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A Glimpse into Intel Taiwan: In Conversation with Yvonne Wang, HR Manager

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Yvonne-photo-2.jpg“Just embrace change. Take on new ideas, new roles, build resilience. That’s how you learn and grow.”

Born and raised in Taiwan, Yvonne left for the United States after finishing high school. In New York, she pursued a degree in computer science and completed her master’s degree in computer information systems. Ever energetic and sociable, she spent time away from books on travel and other extra-curricular activities. She got her first job at a tech company before she even graduated.

From engineering to human resources (HR), Yvonne’s career journey has largely been defined by her steely determination, resilience, and courage—and her willingness to take on new challenges and risks.
Knowing yourself

While Yvonne started out as a software engineer, it wasn’t long before she realized she was more of a people person who thrives in social interactions. So she took a leap into tech marketing with a scope that required her to constantly build relationships with and influence people. Over the next four years, her role took her to over 30 states throughout the United States and to most of the countries in Asia, as well as many other countries across the globe.

After 15 years of being away from home and having started a family in the interim, Yvonne decided to return to Taiwan. And 10 years later, she began her journey with Intel through the recommendation of a friend. “Being in procurement felt like a step in the right direction given my familiarity with the PC industry (from a previous role) and strong skillset in influencing negotiations,” she says, adding “I was hired on the spot, which was an honor because it usually takes at least 3-4 rounds!”

HR was the one thing Yvonne never imagined herself doing, and when an opportunity within HR arose in July 2020, she was filled with doubt. But she decided to take the leap. “In this role, I’m able to see a broader scope. I’m able to do more for the people and the organization—be it giving advice or devising broader strategies.”
Keeping an open mind

A lot of Yvonne’s motivation comes from the knowledge that going the extra mile is often an opportunity to learn more than expected. “As a person, I always know what I want—and when I see something that doesn’t fit me, I’m vocal about it. But of course, knowing what you want is not enough. I work extremely hard to achieve it,” she says.

Being in HR has also brought her newfound purpose: to help the people around her by bridging the gap between company policy and employee. It ties into her philosophy of being the change you want to see in your world. “In many ways, we’re ambassadors of the company—we help people believe in the company.”

Reflecting upon her career journey so far, Yvonne says one key lesson has been the importance of keeping an open mind and being aware of her own personal biases.

“I’ve always thought of myself as an open-minded person but being in this role made me realize that I’m far from it. You’ll be surprised by how different we all are and that one really needs to keep an open mind, because what works for you might not work for others—there is no one size that fits all.”

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