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A Glimpse into Intel Taiwan Series: In Conversation with Eric Cheng, Supply Chain Engineer

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Erics-photo-scaled.jpgGrowing up, Eric Cheng has always found motivation in achievements be they big or small and the opportunity to learn. His largely technical bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering did not deter him from taking courses in marketing and sales on the side. This educational well-roundedness extends to all areas of his life. An avid volleyball and baseball player, he thrives in both competition and cooperation. He’s also adventurous, from journeying on an exchange program to the Czech Republic to hiking cliff trails in Taiwan.

His career journey at Intel Taiwan began in late 2017. He joined the company as a graduate technical intern in Global Supply Chain, where he gained experience in PCM data management and analysis, working with summary reports for material shipment and statistical process controls.
Staying patient and overcoming interview nerves

After months of job searching, Eric’s patience was rewarded. “I was still in the Czech Republic then, on the lookout for an opportunity when a call from the manager (in Taiwan) came through. I was surprised, even more so when the call turned into a phone interview. I made it to the decisive round upon returning home, and what I thought would be a relatively simple process turned into a 6-to-1-person interview! I was so nervous but thankfully the team members were pleasant.” It was an unforgettable experience that took off on a nerve-wracking course, Eric recalls.

Being someone who is deeply curious, enjoys problem solving, and working with information, it wasn’t long before he was offered a supply chain engineer role. While his achievements helped his advancement, he is quick to credit his manager during his internship.

“I was trained by my manager to nurture my curiosity and to ask lots of questions, and at the same time, I was empowered to broaden my scope—and this definitely helped with my development,” he says.

Today, his scope focuses on silicon foundry product engineering which involves sustaining and driving the yield of the company’s outsourcing products alongside peers of different ages, experiences, and backgrounds. It also largely involves problem solving and coordinating with other units.
Nurture your curiosity and be fearless

“If there’s one thing I’ve learnt thus far from my time here, it’s that there are so many areas I can explore and learn from. The key is not to hesitate when you have a new idea. This is an environment where people are open minded—so don’t be afraid to make mistakes.”

Eric acknowledges that the current pandemic has undoubtedly brought about a myriad of challenges, including being confined to working from home and unable to interact with colleagues on a normal basis. But he also sees this as an opportunity to improve efficiency and proficiency with alternative means of working.

Despite these unexpected hurdles, Eric says of his journey, “I’m still very much at the start of my career, and it’s been great thus far. For me, the key is to stay proactive and fearless when in doubt—and to keep learning and be like a sponge to knowledge. And even if you falter, you’ll have the support of your team and manager.”

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