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A Glimpse into Intel Taiwan Series: In Conversation with Jenny Nieh- Senior Software Engineering Manager

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“There’s no magic in engineering—everything should be explained logically.”

Inherent curiosity and a penchant for programming coupled with an analytical mind suited to problem-solving eventually led Jenny Nieh to computer science, in which she received a master’s degree. Jenny’s Intel story spans two continents and over two decades, beginning in the Driver Development Team in Santa Clara.

Going all in

While her portfolio and credentials are impressive, Jenny says she’s never really thought of herself as an ambitious person—but she certainly knew what her interests were. She was dedicated and dogged in her approach to work, while also always looking to help those around her. By the time she moved back to Taiwan, she had ramped up many young engineers in her unit.

“When I was younger, and working in the States, I really went all out in terms of focus and effort. Even my weekends were spent debugging and reading. I was constantly curious about how things worked on both a micro and macro perspective, and lots of my personal time was spent studying.”

After 11 years away, Jenny’s decision to relocate was largely prompted by the desire to find more balance and focus on her family and personal life. But she also had a newfound purpose: to help the younger generation of engineers back home. She initially thought she would need a new job, but her manager was supportive of the move and opened an individual contributor role for her in Taiwan. It wasn’t long before she was at the forefront of the company’s expansion in the country and in Shanghai.

Stronger together

At the end of 2017, when the company started consolidating groups and Jenny’s team in Taiwan was redeployed, she saw it as an opportunity to take a break. Little did she know that her journey at Intel would continue. About a year later, her former manager offered her an opportunity to join the Product Support Team. Now, Jenny manages debugging support worldwide, interfacing with colleagues in Bangalore and Folsom.

“I’m not an aggressive person by nature—I don’t strive to climb the ladder. I just want to do things to the best of my ability. And to me, if the organization thrives, then my team and I can too. It’s less about gaining personal visibility and more about how we can make a product successful. This is my philosophy at work and with the team,” she says.

Anchoring that is her emphasis on trust and building relationships. So much so, many of the engineers who worked alongside Jenny before the reorganization returned when they found out she was rejoining the company after her break.

Being yourself

“It’s definitely been a special career journey thus far. And a lot of it has to do with being in a company that has great people, is accommodating, and encourages you to try new things,” she says. “There’s room for everyone, and you don’t have to change yourself to fit in. You just have to determine what works for you based on your interests or passion.”

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