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A Message from Richard Taylor: New Leadership in Diversity and Global Corporate Social Responsibility

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Richard Taylor is Senior Vice President and Director, Human Resources at Intel.

I’m excited to share some changes that recognize the talents and impact of our leaders, allow us to sustain the momentum underway to achieve a diverse and inclusive workforce, and bring new energy and focus to other critical programs.

After 19 years of shaping a culture at Intel that respects and appreciates the business value of workplace diversity, we have asked our current Chief Diversity Officer, Rosalind (Roz) Hudnell, to expand her scope of responsibility and tackle a new challenge. Roz will become Vice President, Corporate Affairs, and also President of the Intel Foundation.  In these new roles, Roz will direct Intel’s corporate social responsibility, education and philanthropy strategies and external partnerships to better align with our changing business and maximize our global impact in these key areas.  Importantly, Roz will remain a part of the Intel Executive Leadership Committee that oversees the progress made toward our commitments in Diversity & Inclusion.

Roz’s new and expanded leadership role provides us with an opportunity to identify new talent to lead our Diversity team.  Danielle Brown, an experienced Intel leader for the last seven years, will step into the position of Chief Diversity Officer, leading the company’s execution of our 2020 Diversity & Inclusion goals announced by CEO Brian Krzanich in early 2015. She has been involved in Diversity & Inclusion work throughout her career, including her work here at Intel as an integral member of the team that has worked to advance diversity.

Roz and Danielle will collaborate on programs which bolster opportunities for young innovators, investing in programs and partners which expand opportunities for U.S. students, especially in the fields of computer science and engineering.

Growing the pipeline of diverse, technically-trained talent is an issue that not only impacts Intel, but the entire technology industry in our quest to achieve better employee representation of females and under-represented minorities.

I’m energized about witnessing what these leaders will accomplish, and the collaboration they will bring to our overall Diversity in Technology initiative.  If you would like to learn more about any of these programs, I invite you to visit www.intel.com/csr and www.intel.com/diversity.

-by Richard Taylor
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