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A Mother’s Day Tribute: Working Mums of Intel Taiwan

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mothers-day.jpgA mother’s love is one of the strongest forms of love there is. Mothers are often selfless, putting the needs of her children and family before her own, acting decisively and with compassion. Mums are tireless, generous, protective, and indomitable. A mother’s love knows no bounds and words fall short in describing its depth and magnitude.

In tribute to Mother’s Day, we spoke with four mothers from Intel Taiwan about their motherhood journey, what they’ve learnt along the way, the timeless wisdom passed on from their own mothers, and their advice to other working mums around the world.
Anna Sung, Assembly Test Sourcing Manager

Anna always knew that the business world was made for her. She’s in her element when brokering deals, sitting at negotiating tables, and meeting different people daily. It’s no wonder that she’s been in Global Supply Chain throughout her 18 years (and counting) at Intel.

A mum to two kids, aged 11 and 18, Anna acknowledges that motherhood isn’t all sunshine—and often involves big compromises. She made one such compromise with her husband who often travels on a weekly basis for work. “We identified our roles early on and agreed that he would be more of the breadwinner and I would hold off a little more to care for the family.”

But Anna believes that doesn’t necessarily need to happen at the expense of pursuing one’s own aspirations. The emphasis on being a self-sustaining career woman had always been instilled by her mother. “She was a working woman who was able to explore the world and lead at work even while having me and my sister, and she wanted the same for us. Now I tell my daughters the same thing!”

And her advice to fellow working mums? “Know that you can’t do everything. Be willing to spend on help, such as hiring a housekeeper. There are no secret recipes, only choices you have to make. And through it all, don’t forget to do nice things for yourself too, because it’s your hard work.”
Fanny Shih, GSCO/SOPO Procurement Operation Senior Manager

 With a background in industrial engineering and management, Fanny’s first job was actually in accounting when the desktop computer was just beginning to gain popularity. Fast forward three decades, she now works in supply chain, interfacing closely with suppliers—a role she relishes for its myriad challenges and opportunities.

A proud mum of a 13-year-old daughter, Fanny lives in a merry 9-person household with her husband’s family, an arrangement which she describes as a blessing. “I’ve a big family to support me—everyone chips in, such as cooking meals and helping with the cleaning. This certainly helps a lot.”

Fanny learnt the value and importance of hard work from her mother. But by choosing to have a career while being a mother made her realize that balance is so important. “One way I try to maintain balance is by not being afraid to exhale, let go, and ask for help when I need it. And I remind myself that I’m not omnipotent.”

As for her advice to fellow working mums, she says, “Choose where you pursue your career carefully. Choose a workplace with a culture built on openness, good values, and one that gives you the flexibility to manage your own time. And always take the opportunity to bring your family to events organized by the company. This will not only give them an insight into your role but can also help them empathize when things get very busy.”
Peggy Lee, IOTG Sales Global Director

 A mum to twin daughters, Peggy is used to being kept on her toes. That’s in addition to currently managing the IOTG business for Taiwan while being in the midst of transitioning into a regional role—and she’s also just returned to school in pursuit of a master’s degree. When not at work or studying, she volunteers.

Peggy had always dreamed of having kids. But her journey to motherhood was long and arduous, marked by several failed IVF attempts and a miscarriage. She and her husband nonetheless persevered, and today her daughters are freshmen pursuing their own dreams in college.

“I grew up raised by a single mum. She was my strongest supporter, and she always empowered and trusted me to make my own decisions. This is also how I try to raise my girls: by never giving too much advice and coaching. I listen to them, give them room to explore, and remind them to never limit their talents.”

 Her advice to fellow working mums, especially for those with teenage kids, is this: “Even if they’re not around home much, you can still spend quality time together. Use technology to keep you connected—get on social media or other apps and tools that are available out there. And be sure to find that sweet spot between staying connected and inundating them with messages!” 
Jennifer Chen, Platform Hardware Engineer

As a child, Jennifer knew that she wanted to become an engineer. She would watch her dad—an engineer himself—fix everything that broke, from fans to video players. Joining Intel was always a dream job, and she currently educates customers on using the company’s CPUs and reviews their designs to ensure quality.

Now a mother to a cute and bubbly 4-year-old, Jennifer’s definition of happiness has changed. “I used to spend most of my time at work, but realized soon after becoming a mother that it wasn’t going to work. My kid was often asleep by the time I got home. And now for me it’s all about finding a balance between family, work, and the self.”

Her mother had always taught her to keep an open mindset: to always try, and not to think too much before doing so. “Studying electrical engineering was a big step for me as it wasn’t normal then for a girl to be taking on this course, but my mum understood the prospects and really spurred me on.”

Her advice to fellow working mums? She says, “Do try to find your balance, because your children will grow up only once—whereas jobs will always be there. So always listen to yourself, find out what your priorities are, and act upon them.”

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