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A Tribute to Women Who Inspire (from Annette)

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Note from the editor: In honor of International Women’s History Month, Zella, our Women’s Initiative Program Manager, has connected with some of the many inspirational women at Intel to ask about their role models. We’ve heard from Sylvia, Stephanie and Marcie so far. Next up, we’d like to introduce you to Annette. Catch up on the other posts here.

AnnetteAnnette will reach her 14-year milestone at Intel in May 2014—which means she’ll be eligible for her second sabbatical! During her time, she has been an internal communications manager and partners with General Managers to align employees to the strategies of the business unit, Intel corporate direction and the leaders' key messages. She is a native of New Mexico and began her career in Fab 11 but is now part of the Employee Communications group and resides in Arizona.

"My role model and mentor is a woman named Nancy. She’s now retired but was an Executive Director for a non-profit agency where we both worked. She mentored me in my career for 12 years and coached me personally. She is still my mentor today.  Nancy has all the attributes of an outstanding leader, but what inspired me most—her ability to dream big and then turn these dreams into reality.  She truly emulated and lived each day making the impossible, possible.  No goal seemed too big, or vision too grand.  She set her sights high with incredible vision, led teams to success and she did it with uncompromising integrity and class. She is truly an inspiration. She had high expectations of me and coached me until I reached my goals – both personal and professional. These goals were not always easy to attain, and there were times when I just wanted to throw in the towel.  But Nancy was always excellent at putting things in perspective and being “the voice of reason.”  She is my advocate and my best cheerleader.  She is a role model who I admire most."

That’s a wrap from our inspirational women—thank you to all of these wonderful woman for sharing their role models with us. Who inspires you? Let us know in the comments!