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A Tribute to Women Who Inspire (from Marcie)

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Note from the editor: In honor of International Women’s History Month, Zella, our Women’s Initiative Program Manager, has connected with some of the many inspirational women at Intel to ask about their role models. We’ve heard from Sylvia and Stephanie so far, next up, we’d like to introduce you to Marcie. Catch up on the other posts here.

Marcie on the left with her sister Marnie on the right. Marcie on the left with her sister Marnie on the right.

Marcie has been a financial analyst with Intel since July 2012. Her responsibilities include valuation of Intel’s raw materials inventory account and cost saving efforts related to holding inventory. She holds a BA in Accounting from Washington State University and an MBA from Arizona State University. When we interviewed her, she told us about her sister, Marnie, who also works at Intel. Marnie joined Intel eight years ago and is the mobile team lead for Intel’s Burn In Development team. In her role she has the exciting challenge of developing and deploying technology, equipment, and processes to Intel’s assembly/test high volume manufacturing sites to support the Burn In reliability testing of Intel’s CPU processors.  Marnie holds a PHD from the University of Washington in Materials Science and Engineering.

"My sister Marnie is my role model. She has a PhD in Material Engineering and a successful career at Intel. She showed me that women can be smart and successful. That a woman can do anything she wants and can achieve anything if she works hard. My sister has accomplished a lot with her education and career and she never let anything stand in her way. She inspired me to work hard so that I could achieve the things I wanted educationally and in my career. I know that because she was successful, then I could be successful, too. She has always encouraged and supported me to accomplish my goals. Any time I need support she is there."

Who inspires you? Let us know in the comments!