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A Tribute to Women Who Inspire (from Stephanie)

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Note from the editor: In honor of International Women’s History Month, Zella, our Women’s Initiative Program Manager, has connected with some of the many inspirational women at Intel to ask about their role models. Catch up on the other posts here.

Meet Stephanie, a program manager in Intel’s Talent, Transformation and Diversity organization. Stephanie joined Intel 14 years ago and spent most of her time as a people manager in Intel’s manufacturing division before recently switching groups and joining the Human Resources organization. A professional leadership coach with a passion for helping others maximize their true potential by leveraging their unique strengths, Stephanie is also a wife to a wonderful husband, and mother to two energetic young children.

Stephanie“My role model is my mother, Della. She worked at Intel Arizona in Human Resources for 25 years. My mother has inspired me in countless ways and continues to inspire me on a daily basis. From her humble yet nurturing beginnings in rural Georgia, she used what little she had to dream big.  As a child, she spent a year in a full body cast, which meant she watched a lot of TV. But TV wasn’t just a way to pass time—she drew inspiration from All My Children’s Erica Kane and knew she could make more of herself. Even then she thought that a dream come true would be to work for minimum wage in a nearby town. Instead her dreams led her to travels across the country, receiving awards from presidents and serving on boards with CEOs, academic thought leaders, and the like, along the way. What truly inspired me was more than my mother’s professional and material success; it was her impact on others. Though it has been almost 10 years since she retired, I continue to meet people in the halls of Intel whose lives she has touched.  She put her heart and soul into everything that she did. As a Relocation Manager, she made personal visits to families to ensure that they were settled in and made connections within the community. As a Workforce Development Manager, she would talk to the parents hesitant to send their children across the country to the Arizona desert for the summer to ensure they could further their engineering education and obtain work experience.  As a Diversity Manager, she worked with an underserved school to form the Intel Adopt-A-School Program and earned an Intel Achievement Award for her efforts. I still remember the look on the faces of the students at the school as they received new books, computers, and had the chance to meet NBA starting players as a result of the Intel program. She always had a larger purpose than what her professional quarterly objectives stated and was a change agent within Intel. Her example inspires me to take risks and make positive changes.”

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