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A Tribute to the Women of Intel Malaysia – Joanne Kan

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In the recent blogs, we introduced two women leaders, Jayanti Kandayah and Hou Mimi, in celebrating the Women’s History Month. Today, we are going to meet Joanne Kan who has spent her 14-year-long-and-counting career at Intel HR.  

Joanne Kan

Joanne’s first encounter with Intel came about when she was studying part-time for her master’s degree. She recalls being impressed by the thinking and demeanor of a few course mates who were company sponsored. As fate would have it, Intel eventually came calling and today she leads hiring and recruitment for Malaysia’s design and development group, managing a handful of people.

At the heart of her 14-year-long-and-counting career in HR lies a desire to positively impact the life of others. “The opportunity to become a part of the company stems from what we do. The right talents may even be able to surpass expectations, pull their teams along, and directly contribute to the company’s growth.”

The happy mother of two also plays an integral role in Intel’s push for greater inclusion and gender diversity in the workplace—she’s driving a regional initiative to progress women to senior leadership levels.

Sharing her thoughts on the role men can play to offer support, she credits her supportive husband, who encourages her achievements and self-worth. “You want to strive in your career, but at different stages in life and beyond the office there are different roles to play—one has to be able to juggle. At my current stage, I’m largely driven to be a role model for my kids.”

Acknowledging her humble beginnings, Joanne also singles out her mother for making sure she received a formal education—something her parents didn’t have the privilege of. “I want to show the same to my kids, that they can push their boundaries. We oftentimes cannot control the circumstances we are in, but we can control what we can and want to do.”

“All that I do today is driven by the fact that I want them to believe that nothing can stop them, as long as they want to do something.”

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