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A "sound" experience

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“Ready on the set? Camera… one-two-three…action… That’s a take!”

clip_image002On Saturday, August 08, 2009, my daughter, Jocelyn and I volunteered to show up bright and early to assist the Intel Marketing group with the video production of a segment for an upcoming Intel commercial. You’ve probably seen the recent Intel ‘Sponsors of Tomorrow’ ads, such as the ‘Oops’ and ‘Intel Rockstar’, and now we were shooting the next round, featuring REAL Intel employees! It featured a large group of Santa Clara, CA employees (where Intel headquarters is located) who’d auditioned and were selected to perform the “Intel Bong” song (BUMMMMM-Bum-Bum-Bum-Bum), also known as our ‘sound mark’. It was shot locally at Wilcox High School by a professional video production staff who managed the event smoothly and efficiently. My daughter and I were responsible for handing out required documents and t-shirts, as well as assisting the production staff as-needed.

A wide diversity of smiling employees (our stars!) arrived that morning eager to make this shoot as pleasant of an experience as possible. The air crackled with energy and excitement as they happily checked-in, signed required forms and received instructions from Monique, who is part of our Global Diversity and Inclusion group, and the production team. Some were sent to wardrobe and makeup prior to being placed into one of three groups that would be filmed that day.

These Intel “stars” performed like pros. They did an outstanding job finishing well ahead of schedule. It was fascinating to watch Monique and the production team peering into the video monitors rearranging people and shooting and then re-shooting each scene until they got it perfect. It was my second experience with a Marketing group video of the Intel song. Earlier this year, my granddaughter Janessa (Jocelyn’s daughter) participated in the 2009 Intel Kid to Work Day video. However, this shooting was a little more professional since it would be part of a commercial.

In the words of my daughter, a college graduate who volunteered to assist that day to gain experience working with a corporate marketing group, “It was fun, rewarding and a very enriching experience. I’m amazed at how well the employees followed the director’s instructions. Its obvious Intel hires very intelligent people.” I thought it was fascinating to observe the incredible amount of detail that goes into producing a 30 second segment. Can’t wait to see the commercial when it’s ready to air!

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