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APJ Series: Why This Intel Manager Says You Don’t Need to Compromise Between Work and Family

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blog-graphic-women-at-work.pngOceane Rime began her journey at Intel in 2015. Having studied international business in both France and China with a specialty in IT consulting, she was driven by the desire to understand and be at the forefront of the tech industry. She knew she had set foot in the right place when she began her first chapter with the company in Paris.

Although moving to Australia with her husband just over a year later marked the end of that chapter, she kept in touch with her colleagues. Late last year, the role for an executive account manager opened at Intel in Sydney and the rest, as they say, is history.

We’re delighted to have been able to catch Oceane—just a day before going into maternity leave (!)—for a conversation about her journey thus far and why she says women don’t have to compromise between career and family.

A “big picture” perspective

When asked about what keeps her driven at work, Oceane narrows it down to three things: the opportunity to have high-level and meaningful conversations with customers, having a footprint in the development of cutting-edge technology, and seeing these innovations being brought out at scale and making a difference. Today, she’s the IoT lead for Intel Australia and New Zealand.

“I remember taking coding classes back in the day—it was tough and starting out, I was pretty bad at it! But what always interested me was the big picture and seeing how things work. This is why I love learning on the field with engineers, having conversations with customers, and
being at the forefront of cutting-edge technology being deployed in the field.”

Many hands make light work

“There was never a hint of the preconception or assumption that I wouldn’t be able to do my job well while pregnant. It really has been a normal and seamless transition. And for me that reinforces my belief that you don’t have to compromise—it doesn’t have to be either your career or your child. Intel is a prime example of that.”

She only has gratitude for her local & regional manager and her team of over twenty employees. Even with no actual office building and everyone working from home given the pandemic, the support and helpfulness has been both a source of motivation and comfort for Oceane.

“That for me is the key thing: having the flexibility to do your work in your own way and at your own pace. It’s actually pretty rare. Micromanaging at the workplace is still commonplace out there.”

Being your own strong person

To say that Oceane had an unconventional childhood would be an understatement. The first six years of her life were spent on a sailing boat. She was born in the Caribbean, and the big blue sea was her playground growing up. A love for the great outdoors and adventure runs in her blood.

In retrospect, she believes her early years brought about more than just adventures and fond memories. They also instilled in her a positive mindset, something that has set her in good stead for all the adventures she’s embarked on in both her career and life outside of work.

“It’s about never giving up and being resourceful. You can do so much as a human being. Be your own strong person, and don’t compromise on what’s important to you.”

Are you inspired by Oceane’s wonderful experience and interested in growing a career of your own at Intel Australia? Explore our open opportunities today.
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