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An Intel Women of the Year Award Winner Says Her Greatest Win Is Inspiring Others- Meet Huong, Tran from Vietnam

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The following blog is part of a series focused on Women Leaders in Intel Vietnam.

In this series we spoke with seven female leaders of Intel Vietnam, acknowledging and celebrating their contribution and achievements in their career. The series also shares the leaders’ thoughts to encourage and inspire women to pursue their dream career and take up more leadership roles.
Meet Huong Tran

Ever since she was little, Huong Tran liked to work with numbers, facts, and figures and present things in a logical way. She went on to earn her Engineering degree in Materials at the Ho Chi Minh city University of Technology. Now, Huong is the Technical Training Manager at Intel Products Vietnam.

Her journey with Intel started in 2011 with an interview for a Manufacturing Operations Supervisor role. Shortly after stepping into Intel’s office for the first time, she felt that this was the greatest company she had ever visited and dreamt of contributing to its future. Huong was impressed by the professionalism of the hiring manager and the HR person. She also appreciated that Intel built an infrastructure and working environment that truly put human comfort and safety first.

Her years at Intel have been challenging yet rewarding. A few years after joining Intel, Huong was promoted to Manufacturing Shift Manager, which “was a remarkable milestone in my career,” she says. While managing up to hundreds of supervisors and technicians at times to drive the delivery for a mega factory, she had the chance to connect with people from all factory departments.

“I am who I am today thanks to a lot of reasons. One of them is Intel’s culture of diversity and inclusion that fully supports female employees. I have had opportunities to perform and to be coached by great managers, whom I feel forever grateful for. They helped me envision my long-term professional career and develop toward my goals. During the past nine years, I have grown up and gained much knowledge in manufacturing, and I have become more skilled in people and stakeholder management.”

In 2014, Huong won the Intel Women of the Year award. Early 2020, she led her team to contribute to achieve the highest volume of units shipped out of Vietnam factory to date, supporting the highest number of products. She blushed when sharing about her achievements, humbling insisting “they are nothing much.” The most rewarding moments for her, she explains, were when her staff shared that they had been motivated by her to strive for the better. Many of her Technicians have become Equipment Specialists or Manufacturing Supervisors thanks to her guidance and encouragement, and they still remember the moments she sparked that light in their minds. “They said my uplifting energy gave them motivation.” Huong loves to communicate with her staff on a daily basis, which helps her understand them better and to be able to provide coaching and support in timely manner.

There is never a dull moment in Huong’s life. She loves outdoor activities including running, swimming, and cycling. She shares that, “these activities keep me healthy mentally and physically and help refresh my mind after a long day at work.”

To the younger generation, she has this advice: “Dare to dream and take challenges in pursuit of your dream. Take time to learn and improve yourself. Do not fear failure, be resilient, and have the confidence to speak up and protect your ideas. Especially to the young females out there, do not let anyone tell you that such careers are not for you. Let results defeat all the biases.”

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