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An Intern's Journey - From Application to Integrated Team Member

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Inside Intel Germany

Our new series “Inside Intel Germany” spotlights amazing employees and the unique ways they discovered their passions and grew as professionals here. Meet Romain Pereira and learn about his experience onboarding his new role as an intern within our Intel Architecture, Graphics and Software Group.

Since he was young, Romain has had a passion for computer science and technology. It’s what led him to pursue his master’s in computer science engineering at ENSIIE, the École nationale supérieure d'informatique pour l'industrie et l'entreprise in Évry, France.

In June, he joined Intel Germany as a technical intern in our Intel Architecture, Graphics and Software Group. We recently spoke with Romain about his experience interviewing for his internship and what his first few days at Intel were like.

You are currently studying engineering in France. How did you find this position at Intel in Munich?
This internship is part of my studies. I wanted to go abroad and see if living outside of France could be an option for me after graduating. I visited Intel’s website and found many positions relevant to my studies and in areas I was interested in. I applied for five different jobs at Intel. And then I got the one in Germany, which is fantastic!

Tell us about your current role as an intern at Intel Germany.
I joined the Intel® System Debugger - System Trace team two months ago. Our tool allows users to capture and analyze debug trace data from Intel systems, including hardware, firmware and software traces.

Decoding trace data is a computationally intensive process. One of the major requirements is providing a high-performance implementation as part of the tool. I am adding internal tests which track performances and memory consumption to ensure that there is no degradation over time.

What are the main challenges you have encountered in your role so far?
It's been going well. The only challenge has been that I’m still getting used to speaking English at work. I am learning new words and improve every day. The team has helped me a lot. We are quite international. It is amazing to be surrounded by different cultures every day. It helps us to grow as a team and to learn new things about different cultures, which is amazing.

How did your team help you during the start of your new position?
At Intel, the door is always open for you. You can ask anyone for support. That really helped a lot in my first days. I think this open-door culture is something great. You can work quietly on your tasks, but at the same time we can always ask if we need help.

How was your first day here at Intel?
My first day was at Campeon, our biggest site in Munich, which is where we had orientation for new employees. Our coordinator made everyone feel welcome and relaxed. We had an instructor who explained everything to us, including Intel’s values like diversity and inclusion. I spent the morning receiving a lot of information, and in the afternoon, I met my team, set up my laptop, and got to know my new colleagues. It was a great start. I felt comfortable and knew that this was a great place for me.

How was your application process?
To be honest, in the beginning, I was a bit afraid I couldn’t get an internship at Intel, but it turned out to be a surprisingly easy process. After I submitted my CV, my manager Amy contacted me for my initial phone interview. Then I had a follow up conversation with Davin, who is now my colleague, concerning the more technical part of the job. Both Amy and Davin were kind, and they explained to me everything about the internship and what they were looking for. I found out that there was no need to be afraid.

Do you have any advice for students interested in interning with us?
Believe in yourself. If you want to apply, don’t hesitate. Just send your CV and be confident about your skills!

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