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Arlyne Simon- Her Superpower Is Supercomputing

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arlyne-simon-2x1-1.pngSystems engineer Arlyne Simon manages the development of supercomputers used in everything from aerospace to biomedical engineering. She says the only thing better than having interesting, challenging work is having a great team to do the work with. “Knowing that my work is able to span across many different industries to me is very rewarding.”

As an author and active community member encouraging women in STEM, Intel’s commitment in giving back to the community is an important benefit for Arlyne. “Intel matches your volunteer hours with monetary donations to an organization of your choice. I'm a very active volunteer and so I feel like with my volunteer activities, not only do I get to give my time, but I also get to give some financial health to the organization as well.”

The people are what that makes Arlyne’s work the most enjoyable. “Every meeting I go to, I learn something new. The richness of thought diversity is just very powerful. We allow each other to share ideas very openly and our challenging discussions only help create new innovations here at Intel. I feel that my career at Intel is definitely set up for success.”


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