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Anna Miskiewicz is a Principal Engineer and Head of Architecture, Innovations and Ecosystem for the Intel Communication and Devices Group (iCDG), working in Munich, Germany.anna.png

Anna initially came to Intel via acquisition; never an easy start with two corporate cultures, processes, ways of working, and even mindsets to navigate. She attributes the success of the integration to the efforts of the teams, the willingness of colleagues to step up, and the knowledge within Intel. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

"Joining my team was the best thing that happened – the team feels like a big family."

Passionate about the wireless technology business she is in, Anna is motivated by working on innovative solutions within a challenging environment alongside a fantastic team, and delivering great products to customers.

"The technology is driven by a fast paced and highly competitive ecosystem, and every day poses new challenges. For me, being part of a team you believe in and are passionate about is essential to staying motivated every day."

During her 12 years at Intel – where she sees that every kind of career step is possible – Anna has identified and made the most of opportunities and challenges.

"I have been blessed with fantastic managers who were open to career conversations and were supportive – identifying the best positions for me, offering stretch assignments and always challenging me to step up and not shy away from difficult decisions and discussions."

Actively managing her own career and building bridges within the organization has served Anna well, opening up new and varied experiences. Anna asks herself how she can make Intel more successful, and in turn, how this can lead to her own career success.

"One of the highlights of my career at Intel was going to China for three years to work in a completely different culture and job scope. I was able to gain exposure to new management types and multiple teams at Intel, as well as have direct contact with customers in a market of over one billion people. It was definitely a pivotal moment of my career."

To Anna, what is often overlooked is the transformation of Intel from a PC-centric organization to one that is data-centric, successfully competing in new market segments, new technology areas, and new businesses.

She is energized not only by working on advanced technologies, but also by Intel leading the change to the technology world by example, promoting diversity, and having a positive impact on the world.

"Intel culture embraces the differences that drive innovation. It’s an open-minded and inclusive environment… essential to reinventing yourself in the fast-paced technology world.

When it comes to the technologies we develop, enabling cellular connectivity is pivotal to the acceleration of the global economy and improving lives of people globally."

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