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Editor's note: Another great story and graphic from our incredible Intel Internal Employee Communications Team (Text by Walden Kirsch and Nisha Desai. Graphic by Amy Aitken. Technical support from Barbara Nelson) on a look back at 2011. It's been a great year and there's only more to come in 2012! Happy New Year all!

2011 will go down in the books—quite literally—as our biggest year yet, with a streak (beginning in 2010) of six consecutive quarters of record earnings.

But in addition to beating Wall Street expectations (more than once!), we created some superb new technology, made a few surprise announcements, and hired one very special celebrity.

We’ve compiled a few of our 2011 highlights in this fun infographic. (Links to stories can be found at the bottom) Now it's your turn! What was your favorite Intel memory fromthe year?

Best really tall thing in Oregon that's not a tree

Best reason to bring a hankie to a keynote

Best new channel for the Intel brand

Best PC weight loss program

Best (and most painful) advice

Best Intel ad to watch again... and again... and again

Best new dimension

Best arrival by chopper and limo

Best reason to drop your laptop off the roof

Best display of techno-narcissism

Best street beat

Best smartphone surprise