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Candidate Experience - Serious business for us at Intel!

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Last week Intel was awarded a 2014 Candidate Experience (CandE) Award from the Talent Board.  Winning this award is one of our proudest accomplishments.  You may wonder why so much emphasis would be put on this particular award – Intel has been awarded other, very prestigious employer awards, including Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For.  While these awards make us pretty proud too, the Cande Award is a serious matter for us, as it connects directly to one of our key objectives.   We believe that a great candidate experience means we are able to attract & hire great talent.

We all know that the recruitment process isn’t always the most pleasant experience.  Often times candidates feel lost, uninformed, or in the worst case, mistreated.   In order to attract the best talent it is important that we provide a positive, rewarding and transparent candidate experience.   At Intel, we have been consistently focused on improving the candidate experience for multiple years.   We believe the Cande Award is our indicator that we are making progress in this area, a goal that we work toward every day.


I won’t bore you with details of the whole application process, but the process itself is one of the main reasons we participate each year.  A quick overview might be insightful.

  • The 1st Round is a survey completed by our team, which gives us access to Employer Benchmark Report created by the Candidate Experience Org.  This provides us great insight into what is best in class and gives us an opportunity to evaluate where we can/should improve.

  • If our processes and practices standout from our peers, we are invited to participate in Round 2 – this round goes to the source, interviewing actual candidates who have gone through our selection process (both those hired and not hired).  The results of this survey truly gives us insight into what we are doing well and where need real improvement.  It feels a little like being under a microscope.   Cande Award winners are chosen based on the results.

  • There is a 3rd Round.  Companies who have a unique approach are selected to be interviewed by a judging panel. There are a lot of components to this, which really scrutinizes the practices and highlights what makes a company stand out.   It is a real nail biting experience, as a candidate.


This year we made it to Round 3 and  received the “With Distinction” honor, based on our efforts and focus on creating a quality candidate experience.   But what is the best, is that we gained the “Great Rated!” standing.  As defined by the Cande Board, this standing is based on employee feedback, which tells the story of our workplace culture and demonstrates Intel is a Great Place to Work.  Top talent is looking to engage with companies that understand how they treat their employees is key to retaining current talent and attracting new talent.  We realize a key indicator of this is how the candidate is treated through the recruitment process.


We learned a lot this year.  There are many things we need to improve upon.  As the year progresses we will be working hard to address these things.   Just recently we implemented a mobile apply process, streamlining the number of steps involved and making it simple and easy for candidates to apply for a position while on the go.   We know that this is important to our candidates.  Side note, please let us know if you think we have made it easy for you.


We are striving to build our reputation in the candidate experience space.  The only indicator of our progress in this space that is better than receiving the Cande Award, is hearing feedback directly from you.  Let us know how you think we are doing.

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