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Coming Summer 2020: Immersive Entertainment from Intel Studios

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From the leading volumetric production studio comes entertainment like you’ve never experienced before.


Lights, Camera, Augmented Reality!

While movie, music, and sports venues are widely closed due to the pandemic, Intel® Studios is pushing possible forward in augmented reality and virtual reality entertainment. These uniquely immersive and interactive experiences can be experienced in your own home with a mobile device or VR headset!

Dedicated to the art of immersive storytelling, this 25,000-square-foot facility located in Los Angeles offers visionary individuals the opportunity to tell their stories in a magical new way.

Intel Studios’ one-of-a-kind volumetric capture stage is the largest in the world, providing actors, performers, and athletes a massive, 10,000-square-foot performance area. Pair that with the studio’s virtual production system as well as on-site data center and you have a creative toolkit that opens entirely new avenues in storytelling.

But how does 2D video become 3D magic?

During production, the capture system creates 276 gigabytes of data per second—that’s over 1 petabyte of data per hour! During post-production, the recorded two-dimensional video is transformed into three-dimensional characters by Intel Studios’ advanced image processing technology and three-dimensional reconstruction system. These 3D characters are digital replicas of the recorded performance, allowing them to be recreated in augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) experiences. Since there is so much data involved, which means large file sizes, novel compression technologies then turn those gigabytes into megabytes, making them more accessible for distribution and play back on mobile networks and devices.

Don’t miss out on Intel Studio’s Summer 2020 Events

Creators at Intel Studios have been hard at work on exciting new entertainment experiences. Take a look at some of the now available and upcoming events.

Soul & Science

This eight-episode AR series explores both the physical and intangible aspects of extraordinary sports performances, allowing viewers to experience these athletic feats in a fully immersive environment via the use of volumetric video. The show, hosted by Emmy-winning sports producer John Brenkus, features basketball star Aaron Gordon, gold medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings, and other top athletes from a variety of sports. Check it out now on Android and iOS.

Queerskins: ark

Featured in Tribeca Film Festival’s Virtual Arcade and Cannes XR Virtual, “Queerskins: ark” is a VR experience that takes viewers on an immersive, emotional journey as they step into the perspective of Mary-Helen, a devoutly Catholic mother who reconnects with her son, Sebastian, through his diaries and her imagination years after he dies of HIV/AIDS. Explore the story here.

Grease XR

At the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, Intel Studios partnered with Paramount Pictures to release an immersive AR musical experience celebrating the 40th anniversary of Grease. This summer, Intel Studios will remaster the experience, recreating the iconic song “You’re the One That I Want” for mobile devices. Users will be able to project an augmented reality scene of the dancers into their home from their own phones, check out behind-the-scenes footage, and more. Get a sneak peek at the making of “Grease XR” here.

NCT 127 & Me


Superstar band Superhuman AR used Intel Studio’s volumetric stage to capture their out-of-this-world choreography. The result? An immersive experience that allows fans to view every angle of the group’s number 1 hit single “Superhuman” – all from the comfort of their own home. Viewers will be able to direct their viewing of this one-of-a-kind 3D music video using the rotation of their phone – and even pose with their favorite band member to capture a photo for their social platforms. Look for this to drop soon.


Learn more about Intel Studios here.
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