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Empowering Brilliance: Balancing Engineering and Fatherhood with Passion

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Honoring the incredible fathers in our lives, meet Anh Quach, our Intel Vietnam engineering manager. In an exclusive interview, Quach opens up about the joys and challenges of balancing his demanding engineering career with the responsibilities of fatherhood. Join us as we celebrate his empowering story and the valuable lessons he has learned along the way.

Remarkable Journey at Intel Vietnam

Anh Quach's journey with Intel Vietnam began in 2014, when he stepped into the realm of engineering armed with a master's degree in electronics and computer science. As an Intel Master Scholar at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, he had already laid a solid foundation for success. Joining Intel as a yield engineer, he immersed himself in the captivating world of data analysis, uncovering insights that would help shape the future of technology.

But Quach’s hunger for growth and his relentless pursuit of excellence led him to new frontiers. At High Volume Engineer team, he dedicated himself in Monitoring & Analysis Data, expanding his skills and knowledge in the process. His passion for innovation knew no bounds, propelling him forward as a product development engineer for Modem and Foveros, where he played a vital role in shaping cutting-edge technologies.

In 2020, an extraordinary opportunity presented itself as he accepted the challenge of becoming the group leader for the Devices Product Development Engineering team. This pivotal position not only showcased his exceptional leadership skills but also unleashed his full potential as a visionary within Intel. His unwavering dedication and outstanding performance earned him the coveted Intel Vietnam Manager Excellent Award, a prestigious recognition bestowed upon him for two consecutive years, in 2022 and 2023.

“Intel not only nurtured my professional development but also embraced my personal journey as a father,” Quach shared.

Beyond the realm of technology, he discovered the profound joy of parenthood, witnessing the remarkable growth of his two beautiful children.

Navigating Engineering and Fatherhood with Success

Balancing the demands of an engineering career and the responsibilities of being a devoted father is no easy feat. Anh Quach strives for both financial stability and cherished moments with his loved ones. Thus, he discovered tactics and routines that help him strike a harmonious equilibrium between his professional and family life commitments.

Firstly, he approaches his work hours with utmost efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring that he maximizes his productivity. Before transitioning into the role as a spouse and parent at the end of the day, he takes a few moments within the sanctuary of his car. This allows him to unwind, release the pressures of work and mentally prepare for the precious time he will spend with his family, knowing that his children eagerly await his undivided attention.

Secondly, he created a Game Plan for his children, a playful approach that rewards good behavior and academic achievements. Using stickers to track the points, they have a table of rules that dictate what actions earn or deduct points, alongside a delightful list of rewards the children can redeem with their accumulated points. Consequently, on weekdays, his kids are motivated to study diligently and exhibit positive behaviors, affording them additional personal time during the week. At the week's end, the children discover the total of their points, which they can exchange it for visits to the bookstore, joyful outings to entertainment places like Tini world or game centers or even shared moments at a cozy coffee shop.

Supported by his understanding boss, Quach can be present for his children's significant milestones, from their first day of school to their triumphant graduation from kindergarten. The unwavering support and flexibility provided by Intel have proven invaluable in maintaining a fulfilling work-life integration.

Nurturing Brilliance Through Engineering Skills

As an engineer, Quach applies his problem-solving skills not only in his professional endeavors but also in raising his children. He recognizes the importance of focus and concentration in his children's activities, particularly when it comes to studying.

Whether it's writing or doing math, he sets a consistent workload for his children, emphasizing not only the final answers but also the time taken to complete the task. Prior to starting, he asks them to note down the starting time and mark the ending time upon completion. If his kids demonstrate improved concentration and finish the exercises more quickly, he will wholeheartedly reward the effort.

Moreover, fueled by his engineering mindset, he embraces the concept of the Design of Experiment even in his parenting approach. When his children express a desire to explore something, even if it entails potential consequences, he believes in allowing them to experience the natural outcomes of their actions. Through this process, he instills discipline while also empowering them to find their own solutions.

Parenting with Creative Exploration

At the tender age of 3, Anh Quach’s son received a set of Vietnamese flashcards as a playful gift. Fascinated by the colorful images and intriguing words, he delved into the world of reading. Remarkably, by the time he turned 4, he could read fluently, unlocking a realm of stories and knowledge.

His thirst for reading became insatiable, eagerly devouring fairy tales, scientific wonders, and everything in between. At the age of 6, his book collection surpassed 200 titles, a testament to his voracious appetite for literature. After each reading session, he engaged in lively discussions with Quach, exploring the depths of the content and unraveling the stories' hidden messages.

Furthermore, his son embarked on a journey of self-discovery, where he embraced the natural consequences of his actions, fueled his imagination, and nurtured his spirit of innovation. From daring experiments to imaginative adventures, he reveled in the joy of proving theories and uncovering results on his own. This approach cultivated a profound sense of exploration and creativity within him, shaping him into a young mind brimming with curiosity and ingenuity.

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Valuable Lessons Learned

Spending more time with your children is always good and will create a stronger bond. As parents, we find ourselves taking on a multitude of roles, morphing into all-in-one figures. Yet, navigating the delicate balance between an ambitious engineering career and the responsibility of fatherhood presents an ongoing challenge. Quach always believes the key lies in wholeheartedly giving our best effort and embracing the opportunities that our current situation presents.