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Female Technologists Share How Their Careers Evolve at Intel

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Nnennaya Udochu, Aline Sadate, and Lenitra Durham have been at Intel for five, seven, and 18 years respectively, but regardless of how much time has passed, they never feel like their career is stagnant. 

Different Careers—Same Company
Aline is a platform architect and has worked on projects from Google’s Chromebook laptop to Amazon’s Echo device, so it’s no wonder she feels like her career is constantly evolving. She explains the reason she’s stayed at the company for seven years is because with every new project, she’s able to widen her skill sets.

“Intel is a place where you can have many jobs with the same company,” she said. “They make it easy for you to go from one thing to another, which is always encouraging because you get a chance to look at different fields.”

She’s found Intel to be a supportive place when it comes to learning new specialties and loves the easy access to experts she can talk with whenever she’s interested in venturing into a new field.

“They’ll offer to talk to me and sometimes if I ask them to mentor me, they’ll be open to that which is so amazing,” Aline said. “That’s something Intel really advocates for—having technical experts take the time to nurture and mentor people.”

The Power of Mentoring
Mentoring and networking is something Nnennaya has found value in at Intel as well. She is an analog engineer and very involved in organizations like Next(gen) and the Women at Intel Network (WIN), while also serving as a mentor to interns in her department.

“In my career, I really emphasize there is so much power and benefit in having a mentor,” she shared. “Your mentee benefits and the mentor benefits. Being a mentor for me personally has been very fulfilling because helping people, watching them grow, believing in them, helping them achieve their dreams and their goals, retaining full-time positions at Intel—it all makes me happy.”

Checking in to Move Up
The networking and unwavering support from management is one of the reasons Lenitra has stayed with Intel for 18 years. Here, she has the agency to take charge of where her career goes and is supported throughout her journey.

Aside from the various professional development courses Intel provides, Lenitra points to being able to meet with her leaders quarterly to chat about where her career is headed as a key factor in her success.

“You get to meet with your manager and create a development plan for your career and you are forced to think about where you’d like to be in two, three, and five years and set long-term goals. And then you come back and check and see are you in relation towards those goals,” Lenitra says. That way, they can collaboratively check along the way if the plan is working or if there is more that can be done to help her reach her goals.  

From mentoring to networking, Intel team members and leaders help individuals grow both on and off the job. It’s a place where careers are forged and developed as team members work on new projects, find homes on new teams, or even step into their own leadership roles and give back to the greater Intel community.


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