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From Engineer to Mum and Back Again – an Intel Technologist’s Journey

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Eight years later and with a second child coming, Anup Rani (Anu) stood at a crossroads, remembering having to juggle the demands of childcare and work when she had her first child.

As a consummate professional, the prospect of failing to do justice to either of her priorities worried her. Then, her second child came along beset with unanticipated health issues.

“This time, forced to choose between taking care of my younger child and continuing to do a job I love, I decided to devote all my time to my family,” she says.

Years passed as she fell into a routine of looking after her children. Despite not regretting the decision to become a full-time mother, Anu could not deny a sense of loss at not pursuing her passion for working on the latest technology. Her confidence level dipped to a point where she found it challenging to talk to anyone.

“It was then that the alarm bells started ringing. And I began dreaming about the possibility of re-entering the workforce. Honestly speaking, when I first heard about the role I was applying for at Intel, I was not sure if I would be able to do it well, as it involved an entirely different portfolio. I had been part of the automotive domain for low-level driver development, while the new role was focused on client system validation,” recalls Anu.

After a two-year break, Anu returned to work with Intel and found additional support for her transition back.

Intel’s Home to Office Program is built to help talented women rejoining the workplace. The integrated and flexible environment gave Anu the room she needed to take risks, try something challenging every day, break out of her comfort zone and push herself to explore her potential.

 Today’s Workplace

 “The office culture is relaxed, flexible, and free of judgment, with my team providing a constant stream of encouragement and useful advice to get me back on track — which I’m very grateful for,” Anu remarks. She rapidly found her footing, thanks to this solid support system at work.

“Learning from experts and attending all the hands-on training courses that were available to me also widened my perspective of the modern world of doing business and allowed me to reignite my love for technology,” she says.

The Intel Culture

Anu says she found, “The culture, values, and policies at Intel are path-breaking for women. Through equal opportunities and a supportive environment, Intel wants us to challenge ourselves, do wonders in technology and excel in our careers.”

Being recognized as a quick learner by management and peers instilled in Anu a sense of motivation to plumb the depths of possibilities and keep exploring in her role.

“Even after seven years, there is so much to explore and learn. Looking back, I account my success today largely to all the training programs in place back then, as well as the support of my amazing colleagues and team leaders, that have helped me transition so smoothly to my role at Intel.”

To Fellow Returning Women Professionals

“Find a place that recognizes your worth. Any employee returning to the workforce after a career break is in a vulnerable position. Being out of touch with a domain like technology can make one feel very anxious and uncertain. For me, I didn’t think I would ever regain my confidence. Be prepared to make some sacrifices and always keep an open mindset as you adjust back to work. A company that truly respects you and your work will give you a sense of responsibility and importance that will be worth your while.”

Learn more about Intel’s Home to Office program here.       

Anup Rani (Anu) is a system software architect in the System Integration and Validation team within the Client Computing Group at Intel India.

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Good one Anu..! Thanks for sharing.


Hi Anu - Great article. Thank you for sharing your story - inspirational and wonderful to see how you have rediscovered your path @ Intel. Important life decisions requires courage and conviction - you have shown that aplenty.