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From Internship to More: A Technical Lead Shares His Story on Finding Abundant Opportunities at Intel

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Aankesh-1-scaled.jpgAankeshs-quote.pngFor Aankesh K R, Intel has always been his dream company. “When someone says the word computer, the next image that comes to mind is the Intel logo on every desktop and laptop,” he says. So, as soon as he completed his graduate studies, Aankesh wasted no time in finding an internship at Intel. “From the very beginning, I was given opportunities to travel and learn from Intel experts and teams across the globe. I worked with the manufacturing team on creating applications to automate entire factory floors, helping increase the yield and build better products for end users.”

Today, as a technical lead in the Client Computing Group (CCG), Aankesh works toward enabling the vision processing unit (VPU) component for Intel’s next-gen platform. His work includes evaluating new AI use cases in one of CCG’s finest applications. The application also helps benchmark the performance of different Intel devices and offers insights for improvement and optimal performance. He is also introducing automation across the charter for his team to improve efficiency in enabling the new technologies and intellectual properties (IPs) for next-generation Intel platforms.

Working on cutting-edge technologies that shape the future of computing has been a huge motivator for Aankesh. “We are trying to enable new IPs and sensors in the next generation of the Intel platform, ensuring that CPU performance can be maximized.” One of the reasons why he is excited about his work is the immediate impact he can make and experience. “By working at Intel, I feel that I am trying to enable something that is not only going to help people around the world but also my own family. I feel great about the fact that something that I contribute to is directly impacting my family.”

Interesting work opportunities and job satisfaction are not the only things that Aankesh found at Intel. He also met the love of his life at Intel while doing his internship and they got married three years later. In his own words, “It’s a little funny. Even though my wife and I had a lot of common friends, belonged to the same neighborhood, and attended colleges that were in proximity, we were destined to meet at Intel.”

Aankesh finds that the space, time, and resources Intel provides its employees, gives them the opportunity to not just ideate but also transform those ideas into reality. He adds that Intel’s open, non-hierarchical work culture encourages employees to have fun at work while inspiring them to dream and create a better future.

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