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From Verification Lead to Principal Engineer: Learn the Secrets of Bharathi’s Success at Intel

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01-Bharathi-LinkedIn-1200x627-2.jpgAfter a world of desktop computers, laptops came as a blessing to women looking to find better work-life balance. Bharathi V, mother of a five-year-old daughter, was enthralled to make the most of this technology as she stepped into Intel in 2005. She joined the company as a verification lead in the design automation team, where she helped with automation tools and flows to increase efficiency of the overall design cycle.

And this was just the beginning! Bharathi’s passion and diligence helped her advance from that role to design automation engineer and then—after years of perseverance—all the way to principal engineer. From there, starting with a small team of three, she was soon leading a twenty-member team. Today, Bharathi enjoys a perfect personal and professional balance, with awards and recognition for her expertise. As a power and performance technologist for the PC segment, she fosters the need to meet customers’ expectations amidst delivering the best performance and battery life that Intel can provide.

Bharathi’s career journey to this point has been one of self-discovery and growth—and helping others along the way.


Women in Intel

Bharathi first heard of the Women in Intel (WIN) employee resource group from a colleague and was skeptical about what it entailed. However, she was committed to empowering women in tech—and found the group an avenue to do so.

“I’ve always wanted more women in the technology field and this is a place where I can get an opportunity to help by designing programs and initiatives that can nurture women to take on more leadership roles.”

Being a core committee member, Bharathi is at the forefront of bringing women to the foreground of technology. She actively organizes hackathons and public speaking events to showcase the competence and expertise of women. Some of the ideas out of these hackathons have even become demo-showcases for external exhibits.

Bharathi also believes that women need to be more vocal about what they deserve. In accord, Intel has been promoting 'Diversity and Inclusion’ by encouraging women to develop skills towards excelling in eminent domains.

Self-Growth at Intel

Bharathi’s journey has not been without obstacles. Experience and maturity made her realize the importance of developing a blazing self-confidence to advance one’s career.

She says, “An ex-colleague recently told me that a picture of me looked very confident and that it was not the same Bharathi from a few years ago, who was very shy and an introvert. Happy to have tread the right path!”

She believed she could, so she did! She has been instrumental in spreading this belief—that the power of one’s faith should never be deterred. “If my work demands it, I will go after it, reach out to people, and will make it happen,” she adds.

Her self-growth has been made possible by the opportunities she’s had at Intel. Bharathi’s first trip overseas was an exciting one to America with her manager for tool training. While there, she had the chance to travel to all the major Intel sites in Austin, Chandler, Hillsboro, Folsom, and Santa Clara. While most of the employees went overseas to get trained in their specific domains, Bharathi was sent there to teach, which resulted in good recognition during the trip.

And this type of growth opportunity extends to building a strong community—something that can help propel strong career advancement. Bharathi hopes more women take a chance on the tech industry to do so. She says, “Intel is a great place to build unlimited networks at any level. This also gives you the advantage to take and give back the best you can through your networks.”


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