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From intern to engineer: How Kiến Thông made his career dreams come true at Intel Vietnam

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Kien-Thong-scaled.jpgIn this series we’re featuring recent college graduates who found a new home at Intel Vietnam

Kiến Thông was once a boy dreaming of creating big and cool machines. Now, he has a solid foundation for his engineering career at Intel Vietnam. We talked with Thông about how he made his dreams a reality, through perseverance, and how he now calls Intel home.
Be your own best friend

As a child, Thông enjoyed watching Discovery Channel on TV. The inventive TV shows sparked a wonder in Thông, and he desired to learn more about the machines he saw helping humans do exciting things—and the engineers who invented them. Growing up, with special interest in math and physics, he decided to pursue Mechatronics Engineering at Ho Chi Minh University of Technology. Months before his graduation, he was busy with projects and his final thesis, but when a friend told him about an internship position at Intel he immediately jumped on the opportunity. “You need to make friends with yourself, know what you like, what you need, and pursue it to the end,” Thông says when asked about going after his dreams—he knew Intel would get him toward his goal of being an engineer. Now, after completing his internship at Intel Vietnam, Thông is a module engineer in the Test Engineering Department at Intel.
Don’t give up; keep chasing your dreams

There was a stage in his student life when Thông felt lost and wanted to give up. During the first two years in college, when attending general subject classes, Thông was confused, not knowing exactly what direction he wanted his career to go in. “There were many times, I had the intention to give up, thinking of all the uncertainties, but then I remembered the reason why I started this path, and especially my dream to be an engineer, so I told myself that I have to go through this and graduate!"

Now, Thông continues to move his future, and his dreams, forward through education. Thanks to support from Intel, Thông is pursuing Intel training courses in software construction and development. “At Intel, I feel I am getting better every day, you not only develop your skills but also improve your expertise in many fields.”
The contribution of an engineer

“There are many types of engineers in the world,” Thông shares, “and they all play a different part in creating a better world. Construction engineers build roofs for everyone. Environmental engineers help find solutions to protect the environment for the next generations. Mechatronic engineers like me help design, build, and maintain mechatronic systems that improve our lives. "

In addition, being a module engineer, Thông’s main job is to eliminate defective products before they reach customers. He describes himself as meticulous, careful, and disciplined, all traits that help him perform well at his job, and he says, “These traits make my life better.”
Intel - a place I call home

Intel may be Thông’s first workplace, but it’s now his second home, where he can achieve the dreams he envisioned. Thông has met and worked with many talented people who have enthusiastically supported him since the early days of his internship. “This is an inclusive environment in which you don’t feel any distance between levels or different departments, your opinion is always respected and heard.” Thông says, “Working at Intel has given me friendships both locally and globally. It has taught me the value of working for a cause, being part of something bigger than myself. The job I do no matter how big or small, can make a difference.”

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