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GER College Recruiting Events: Can’t wait to meet you!

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There are many ways to get Intel’s attention, but attending one of our hiring events on your campus and meeting us in person is indeed one of the best!

We at Intel understand that students are a very busy crowd and that finding the best career opportunities between classes, homework, projects and exams is not a simple task. So we offer you the opportunity to come and meet us face to face in the place convenient for you! Even if between classes or while taking a break from library time, you may be surprised to find us on campus. Each semester we conduct special events on your college campus or at Intel campuses that offer a direct opportunity to talk to real employees and recruiters, hear about our career opportunities and ask questions about what it’s like to work at Intel. These events usually target a specific crowd, offering special focus on your specific area of studies and expertise (Be sure to check out our “Where do I Fit”? matrix in our student center).

We travel to several college campuses in search of bright minds together with characteristics like creativity, innovation, self-motivated and a constant striving for excellence.

So where have we been recently?

GER1Open Day at Intel Haifa Campus, Israel for HR students: In November 2010, M.A students from variousbusiness and human resources related majors were invited to our campus at Haifa . Students heard a lecture on HR activities, roles and responsibilities and many insights from a panel of speakers–HR representatives from various fields. The attending students asked questions and received information about current openings and were given the opportunity to apply to open positions.

GER2Haifa University, Israel - Computer Science and Information Systems Engineering students’ exclusive event: During this November 2010 event students heard a fascinating lecture called ‘Being Agile in Software Development’ presented by one of Intel’s senior software engineers and received information on job opportunities. In addition we posed a riddle to the students, and the winner received a cool netbook!

GER3Technion, Israel – Job Opportunities in Fab28 (Kiryat Gat) for Engineers and Group Leaders exclusive event: In November 2010, almost 100 interested B.SC and advanced degree students and graduates (from majors like Physics, Chemistry, Chemical, Mechanical, Materials Engineering ) heard a lecture about the various positions and opportunities available at Fab28 forProcess and Equipment Engineers as well as forManufacturing Group Leaders! A small gift was given to each attending member.

GER4Open Day at Intel Jerusalem Campus for Software oriented students: Approximately 150 students were hosted at this the open day event held in November 2010. They enjoyed an agenda that began with an introduction to Intel by Intel Jerusalem Campus Manager. The day continued on with a presentation on ‘Embedded Java and Internet Security’ , during which students working at Intel presented their role and answered the attending students’ questions. The students were also given a technological demos tour at our labs and a dedicated hiring session was held so students could meet representatives and apply for open positions. In addition, a riddle was promoted and one happy Hebrew University student won a MacBook Air!

GER5Intel Career Days at the State University of Nizhny Novgorod and Technical University of Novosibirsk, Russia: In October and November 2010, almost 300 students were in attendance and had the opportunity to learn more about career opportunities at Intel Russiawhile getting insights to various exciting software projects in Russia!

GER6Intel Career Day at Bogazici University, Turkey: In October 2010, 165 students were introduced to Intel Turkeyand heard about exciting internship opportunitiesavailable at Intel.

If you weren’t able to make it to these events or others – don’t worry! Firstly, there will be more to come. Secondly, there are many additional ways in which you can keep in touch with us, receive updates and apply, by finding us on Facebookor applying online!