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GER Staffing: Not just another day at Intel! How the workweek in Israel Staffing began

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This week started off with a special day! Intel Israel’s Staffing Department headed out for a day outside of the office, far away from e-mails, phone calls, meetings and such. We were enjoying a “Department Day”, as departments and groups regularly do at Intel (if you haven’t heard that we are a great place to work, we are!) and we were all looking forward to a fun day together.

We all met at the Israel Children’s Museum – and no, none of us brought kids along! (but we still had a lot to learn!) After coffee, some cake and a game we headed into a unique activity which raised many reactions. We entered an exhibition called “An Invitation into Silence”– an exhibition in which we were all shut out from the noises of the outside world and communicated only through facial expressions & body language – the world of the deaf.

Our guides, who were all hearing impaired, provided an exceptional and personal experience. We spent an hour in the exhibition, not saying one word. Instead, we learned how to express our feelings, needs and thoughts without words. We even ordered food and drinks at a bar without saying one thing out loud! We are a chatty group so a full hour of silence was not expected to be a simple task. Even so, our experience was a special one!


After the activity at the museum we headed out to a beautiful and classy restaurant overlooking the ocean at Tel Aviv. It was a beautiful sunny day and between bubbling white wine, entrees, delicious main dishes, yummy last courses and toasts, we felt spoiled to bits.

Maybe every week should begin this way!