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Gender Pay Parity at Intel at 100%

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We’re thrilled to celebrate this Equal Pay Day, April 12, 2016, by noting that Intel has achieved 100% gender pay parity in our US workforce. “This is a great milestone in our ongoing drive to become a fully equitable and inclusive workplace—and one that we’re very proud of,” says Danielle Brown, Vice President, Human Resources and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Intel.

Intel has long been committed to paying our employees fairly and equitably at all levels of the organization. We conduct an annual, comprehensive audit of pay in the US to analyze our employees’ pay by gender and ethnicity. In 2015 we conducted a further compensation analysis examining gender pay parity for US employees across job types and levels, which showed a net result of 100% pay parity—news we first shared earlier this year in our 2015 Diversity & Inclusion Annual Report.

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