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Happily Ever After: How This Young Engineer Group Leader Grew a Career and Family She Loves at Intel Vietnam

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The following blog is part of a series focused on Women Leaders in Intel Vietnam.

In this series we spoke with a few female leaders of Intel Vietnam, acknowledging and celebrating their contribution and achievements in their career. The series also shares the leaders’thoughts to encourage and inspire women to pursue their dream career and take up more leadership roles.
Meet Ny, Ngo

Ny, Ngo is a Process and Equipment Group Leader, Test engineer, and mother to a cheerful two-year-old boy. Her journey with Intel began when she won a full Intel scholarship for her graduate studies. She joined Intel in July of 2014 as an master’s degree intern and officially started her fulltime career as a tooling engineer in November 2014 after graduating with a master’s degree in Computing and Engineering from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Looking back at her career growth, she has never regretted her decisions to keep learning and taking new opportunities. In 2015, Ny was offered the chance to participate in new tool integration project in a different module – while having to maintain her daily tasks. This allowed Ny to experience an alternative job scope, gain valuable knowledge, and make an impact. Ultimately, the integration project enabled a four-times increase in the factory’s capacity and output. One opportunity led to another, and Ny was chosen to lead the tooling for a challenging product, which helped her accumulate critical leadership skills. In 2019, she confidently applied for an open group leader position within the Test Engineer Department – and was chosen for the role.

“Ever since I was a child, I have dreamt of being able to help people develop. Being a group leader fulfills my dream. I’m able to understand, encourage, and motivate my team members to be their better selves, while achieving the organizational goal,” Ny shares.

Reflecting on what has contributed to her success, Ny says, “one of the factors is Intel’s culture and environment where everybody is open, respectful, and supportive to each other. Opportunities are equally given.” She also receives support and understanding from her family, which has enabled her to take care of her family while climbing up the career ladder at the same time. She met her husband, also an Intel employee, in university. Both won Intel scholarships, and they studied higher education together. They’ve both found a loving home at Intel, a workplace where talent is nurtured, and careers are grown.

Ny advises the next generation to “never stop learning – build both your technical and soft skills. In engineering, your communication and people skills are just as important as your technical know-how. You will need to be able to convince people that your solution is the right one. Keep pushing yourself and step out of your comfort zone in your job. Be confident and take the opportunities as they arise. Success will follow.”

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