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Happy Father’s Day: Intel dads share what benefits let them spend more time with family

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Just in time for Father’s Day, Intel has once again landed on Fatherly’s 2018 list of the 50 Best Places to Work for New Dads. In celebration, we asked a handful of Intel dads what benefit helps them achieve work life balance.

IMG_0005.jpgPrentiss Jackson on Bonding Leave

In Jan 2015, my son Everest was born. It was one of the most fulfilling days of my life. As a working dad, one of my biggest concerns was being present for those precious “firsts” Everest would experience. Thanks to Intel’s bonding leave, I was able to stay home during the latter part of his first year and watch my son take his first steps! I am thankful to work for a company that values this critical bonding time, giving me the opportunity to be there for important moments in my son’s development.

Peter Ulibarri on Sabbatical PEU_MPU_GJU1.jpg

Intel has so many great benefits, but I especially enjoy the ability to take a sabbatical. This summer, I am blessed to be taking my third sabbatical which enables me to focus on my family and spend some much needed quality time with my sons. Sabbatical is a perfect way to recharge and return to work with a renewed focus.

Ryan White on Free Online Tutoring


My favorite benefit that Intel offers is free online tutoring for my children. With a large family—and so much homework—I’m glad that everyone from my college student to my elementary-aged kids can get help from certified tutors. How can you beat 20 free hours of tutoring each month? Thank you, Intel!

Johnas Street on Bonding Leave IMG_1478-925x1024.jpg

Parenthood is like someone not knowing how to swim being thrown into the deep end of the pool. You’re forced to learn quickly. We started off with twins—while I was transitioning roles and starting a new job! It was pretty intense. Luckily, Intel’s bonding leave benefit allowed me to spend 8 weeks home with the twins. That time gave me the opportunity to plan for childcare, schedules, and important doctor’s appointments. I cannot thank Intel and my team enough for their support. This is definitely my favorite benefit.

image3-1024x768.jpegBob Auer on Flexible Work Hours and Sabbatical

I really appreciate flexible work hours, but by far my favorite benefit as a father is the 8-week sabbatical. I’ve taken two so far, which allowed me to spend lots of quality time together with my family and create lifetime memories. This picture is from my most recent sabbatical, where we spent time in Asia and our boys got certified to scuba dive.

The votes are in for these dads, but what’s your favorite Intel benefit? Share yours in the comments.

For more information on our family-friendly benefits, go to intel.com/benefits.
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