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Helping Women in Tech Drives Intel Labs China Senior Researcher Hua Yang

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Hua Yang’s journey to leadership at Intel Labs China started by chance. When she was in the final phase of her Ph.D study in the United States, Hua’s advisor recommended her to join Intel as an intern. After graduation, she accepted a role at Intel Labs China in Shanghai, where she was impressed by both earnest colleagues and the open working environment. Hua reflects that she feels at ease at Intel and continues to enjoy a wonderful career journey that has spanned 14 years (and counting).

Now, as a senior researcher at Intel Labs China – and chair of the Intel Shanghai WIN (Women at Intel Network) – Hua plays an integral role in Intel Labs China advancing in the technical fields while devoting tremendous effort to support and help other women within the Intel community.

Hua is passionate about advancing women employees’ growth and benefits at Intel. She says her resolve “to give something back to the Intel community that I have benefited tremendously from” remains constant. “My vision for the Shanghai WIN community is to have an always-there go-to place for everyone, even if they run out of other options.” Hua, while applying herself to improving and establishing supporting systems in the community, aims to make Shanghai WIN a substantial pillar for every employee, especially women. She is devoted to have WIN as an organization to journey alongside others in becoming “lifelong learners” with “growth mindsets.”

Hua finds motivation in adding value to the lives of others in her daily life - both within and outside of the workplace. “We only have what we give - that is the philosophy I adhere to in my personal life and hope my kid will inherit one day.” Driving an initiative to facilitate communications among neighbors of the community she lives in, she runs a club to match volunteers with people in need. “Even if only a portion of those people that have been helped could carry the spirit on, it is worth it. It gives you the feeling that you are never alone. You can always find help along the way and that belief itself is full of power.”

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