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Honor and Pride: Veterans Share Why they Chose Intel as their Next Mission

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Veterans have always been key contributors to Intel’s success. Employees with a military background have often attained skills during their service that uniquely qualify them for several positions at Intel—both in engineering and other support functions such as finance, HR, IT, sales and supply chain. We asked three veteran colleagues why they chose Intel as their next mission post military, and about the aspects of our culture that have enabled them to thrive.

LJ, Manufacturing Technician Marine Corp, 8 years

IMG_5740-Edit.jpgHow does your military background uniquely qualify you for a job at Intel?

“While serving in the military, we often work with a problem statement and have no choice but to solve it. Our mindset in the military is that we can do and will do what it takes to accomplish the mission. At Intel, no one ever says, ‘we can’t’. There is an expectation here that you will think outside of the box to get the job done.”

Tell me about the veteran community at Intel.

“There’s a large veteran community that puts together volunteer and community engagement opportunities for fellow vets. It’s amazing to see the level of pride fellow veterans have in their service history whether it be 4 or 24 years ago. We have no shortage of people who want to help other vets succeed or support volunteer efforts.”

Grace, Commodity Manager
Air Force, 4 years

IMG_5897-Edit.jpgWhat are your thoughts on Intel’s benefits?

“Ridiculously awesome. There’s no other way to put it. My favorite is our sabbatical. That’s where you get 2-months of  paid vacation every 7 years – and that’s on top of your regular vacation allowance. You can also opt for 1 month every 4 years. Other things like baby leave for both parents (2 months), bonuses, 401k and our stock program are all awesome as well. You can also take military leave to serve in the reserves and Intel will provide differential pay for the difference between your salary and your base pay. I was used to great benefits in the military, so it gave me peace of mind knowing that I was coming into a similar situation.”

Can you talk a little bit to the onsite services at Intel?

“I use the on-site gym all the time. It’s a real gym, not a hotel fitness center. It’s got free weights, machines, group classes and a full locker room. I attend small group classes, large classes, yoga and nutrition classes regularly. My health has really improved thanks to these and they’re all free. Plus I save driving time which can really add up. Also we have on-site medical, dental, dry cleaning and banking. Not too different from living on a base actually.”

John, HR Manager Army, 30 years

IMG_6404.jpgTell me about work/life balance?

“At Intel you essentially own your schedule. If I have doctors or home appointments, I can come in late or work from home. It’s very flexible here as long as you keep the lines of communication open while performing your tasks and meeting your requirements. Whether due to a personal commitment or just because you’d like to flex your work hours to go to school in the evening or pursue a training class, more often than not, Intel can accommodate you.”

Talk about making an impact at Intel.

“Much like the military, at Intel you are working on something bigger than yourself. There are not many companies that have the global reach of Intel, where you can truly build the future by coming into work every day. But, while the mission may be bigger than you, you have the power to make decisions and take actions on a daily basis that deliver true business impact – in fact, it’s expected of you.”
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