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How This Engineer Discovered a New Facet of Power Electronics at Intel India

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IMG-20210604-WA0026.jpgMeet Power Delivery Architect Samantha Rao

When Samantha Rao was made an offer to join Intel, she asked the hiring manager if he was sure she was a good fit. Samantha comes from a power electronics background and had always viewed Intel as a processor – design company. While she was excited to be selected for the role, she wasn’t sure her past work experience matched the job requirement. It came as a pleasant surprise that Intel was looking for someone like her.

“When I joined Intel, the environment was very different from what I had seen in my previous roles. It was the first time I was working for a digital processor company and I saw a different facet of power electronics at Intel. It was quite exciting. Here we worked on low voltage and very high currents. The parameters of design are very different from what I was used to, and it was a new learning opportunity for me. I enjoyed the challenge of discovering a different side of power electronics,” she says.

The entry into a new stream of power electronics meant that Samantha had to go through a learning curve. However, her manager was very supportive of the technical diversity she brought to the team. His confidence kept her going while she took time to grasp the new processes, difference in design perspective, and overall change in culture at Intel. “He encouraged me to maintain the different technical perspective I brought in and not change it. The freedom I got to express my individuality and unique perspective gave me the strength to drive innovation like I have always wanted to.”


“At Intel, I have found that if you have an idea that you are passionate about, you will always find the support to make it happen.”


 Samantha has been working as a power delivery architect at Intel for five years now and has delivered several successful projects through her innovative ideas. Though she works with tight deadlines, there has never been a shortage of support from her teammates and peers. She says, “We somehow always find time for innovation and exploring new technologies. I remember when I was trying to increase the performance of a component, but the implementation wasn’t feasible for the existing generation of processors. I assumed that implementing my ideas into the next generation of products might be an uphill task. However, the team saw value in it and just by the strength of the idea, it was green lighted for implementation into the next generation of processors. At Intel, I have found that if you have an idea that you are passionate about, you will always find the support to make it happen.”

As a mother of two young children, Samantha strives to balance her work and making time for family. She says the various diversity initiatives at Intel have helped her achieve success in both her personal and professional life. “Intel makes it easier for women to work, and by that, I mean giving women the flexibility and support to juggle work and family. But merit always comes first at Intel. Whether it’s promotions or project assignments, you are always treated at par with your colleagues and judged only by your performance, regardless of gender. The level playing field motivates me to excel”

With several successful implementations under her belt, Samantha wants to continue working in the technical domain as she expands her sphere of influence. Starting from projects to driving the development of an entire platform, she aims to take on bigger roles and overcome new challenges through innovation at Intel. And she knows she has the support and flexibility to make it happen.

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