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How resilience helped this Intel Vietnam HR director overcome hardship to build her career and pay it forward helping those in need

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This blog is part of a series featuring women leaders at Intel Vietnam talking about their career achievements and sharing their advice for other women looking to pursue leadership roles.
Meet Yen Pham- HR Director of Intel Products Vietnam

Yen Pham joined Intel Vietnam in 2017 and has had 24 years of work experience. She holds a Bachelor of Law and an MBA.
Success Requires Grit and Resilience

Yen Pham was born and raised during and post the Vietnam War era. Like many others of the same generation, Yen and her family faced many challenges to make a living and strive for a better life. Yen worked very hard and overcame many obstacles to pursue a higher education. With her IT certificate, Yen joined Samsung for her first job. But as the saying goes, “a career chooses you.” After a few months, she was offered a new position in HR and Admin, despite not having professional knowledge or experience in the field. Yen didn’t back down despite facing several obstacles. She put in a lot of extra hours, working late regularly and staying strong through the hard time of Samsung’s economic downfall. Because she persevered, she was there for many of the company’s milestones, contributing to its development. Step by step, Yen climbed the career ladder at Samsung, from entry level position to Head of HR. It was not always an easy path for her,  but she didn’t lose focus. Eventually she returned to college, got her Bachelor of Law, and later completed her MBA – all while working full time.
A Trusted Partner

With a solid foundation and decades of valuable experience that she carries with pride, Yen is now leading the HR team at Intel Products Vietnam, partnering with business leaders as One Intel to develop and direct an HR agenda that closely supports organizational goals and development strategies. And the support goes both ways. Especially during COVID-19, Intel has provided many benefits to their employees, including extra free meals, work flexibility, working from home support, appreciation bonuses, and more that make employees feel appreciated and assured.
A Helping Hand to Those in Need

Having gone through many difficulties herself, Yen has strong empathy for children in unfortunate circumstances and believes education is key to stopping the cycle of poverty. She and her friends have organized many social activities to help build houses for families in need, provide tuition fees for children and teenagers, and provide foods for the elderly. Yen is a frequent supporter at “Mái Ấm Hoa Hồng” in Củ Chi- Hồ Chí Minh City, helping to provide for underprivileged students from grade 4 to 11.
Advice to the Next Generation

Ownership and accountability are two of the core values Yen always carries in life. She says, “take initiatives to bring positive results. Once you take on a responsibility, stay committed to it despite unfavorable circumstances, always look for an opportunity to learn, even from failure. And please do not compare yourself to others. Stay focused, everyone’s situation is different – the only person you should be better than is who you were yesterday.”


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