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Human Rights at Intel: A Community of Inclusion and Respect (Part 3)

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At Intel, our values define us. We believe in doing good business by doing things right. That’s why we foster an environment that empowers our employees to be their whole, authentic self and bring their unique attributes, creativity, and knowledge to work every day, regardless of what they look like, believe in, or who they love.

In the last part of our series on Human Rights at Intel, we asked Dawn Jones to share how upholding LGBTQ rights in the United States is embedded within our work culture.

Dawn Jones, Director of Director of Policy and External Partnerships:

I appreciate working for a company that has a set of values that is a baseline for treating employees with dignity and respect. Intel has strict guidelines related to providing a workplace that is free from harassment of any kind, and we strive to work as a team with respect and trust for each other.

Our work with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is focused on LGBTQ issues within the United States. We act to ensure that discriminatory laws are not enacted, that civil rights are not violated, and that this community has a voice. We do this through our support of amicus briefs, being supportive on social media campaigns, and working to combat negative legislation.

Our employees are the community, and these issues impact their lives. As such, we try to impact and support issues that matter. As of June 7, 2016, each U.S. Intel campus includes All Gender Restrooms. Intel’s policy for the past several years is that anyone can use any restroom that corresponds to the gender with which they identify, regardless of their birth assigned gender. We provide all gender restrooms for the convenience, comfort, and inclusion of our employees, contractors, and guests.

Intel is committed to providing “An Inclusive, Great Place to Work” for everyone. Our commitment to treat each other with dignity and respect is just one of the many ways that we continue to show our dedication to upholding human rights within our company and in communities around the world.

When it comes to human rights, we all have a role to play in doing the right things right. As society continues to change, our views on this topic will change, our support of new ideals will need to change. But that is what innovation is about – that is what our entire industry is about – making things better, being better, doing better.

You can learn more about Inclusion at Intel here.

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