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Intel Diversity Champion Howard Wright: “I Do This for My Daughters”

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In February 2015, I joined Intel as Vice President and Director of Wireless Market Development. I contribute to the vision of a smart and connected world by building an effective global ecosystem. I am also the Diversity Staff Sponsor and Diversity Champion for my business group. A diversity champion is someone who acts as a role model for equality and commits to creating an inclusive work environment while ensuring diversity is recognized, understood, and valued in all decision making processes. These two roles complement each other quite well. Both help cement Intel’s global leadership.

Earlier this year, Brian “BK” Krzanich, Intel CEO, made a bold announcement and committed that Intel will lead the industry to drive greater inclusion and diversity. Intel’s goal is to achieve full representation in the U.S. of women and under-represented minorities by 2020. Recently Intel published our Mid-year Diversity Report and I am very proud to say that we are already making progress. It is encouraging to see what we can accomplish with focus and deliberation but we still have much to accomplish.

For me, achieving the representative goal is very personal. I’m the father of two daughters (Alyssa 21, is an Honor Student at my Alma Mater Stanford - and Eden is 3 years old and will be a force to be reckoned with as well), and I want them to have every opportunity to fulfill their own career aspirations. But I don’t just want this for my daughters, I want all diverse colleagues to have every opportunity to succeed.

I get a lot of questions from my employees about our goal – and I suspect some of the same questions come up outside of our company – here’s how I see it:

  • The goal is about creating an environment where everyone can contribute to their fullest.

  • It’s NOT about excluding the majority in favor of the minority.

  • It IS about creating an industry where we cast a wider net to attract talent, resources and leadership that have not historically been part of our networks.

  • And it’s about continuing to ensure our environment is one where all voices are heard and valued and the smart, motivated, and passionate succeed.

And it’s also good business. A study of 506 U.S. based companies revealed that companies with the highest level of racial diversity generated 15 times more sales than those with the lowest levels of diversity. A global analysis of 2400 companies showed that those with at least 1 female board member had consistently superior share price performance, 4% higher return on equity, and 4% higher net income growth. I don’t think these statistics are coincidences. The data supports that diversity is financially beneficial to companies.

The Diversity and Inclusion goal is not just Intel’s goal. This is OUR goal. We own it. And we cannot wait to start next year or in 2018 or 2020. We must start now.

-by Howard Wright
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