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Intel Employees: A Poem for my One Year

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Note from the Blog Manager: Every day gives us a different reason to celebrate—today, it’s an Intel anniversary! Clifton is the Senior Instructional Systems Designer with Intel’s Sales and Marketing Group and was hired by its Learning & Development organization after a one year stint as a contract worker with Intel’s IT department. Prior to working at Intel, Clifton worked as an Instructional Systems Designer for Health Net Federal Services and attended the University of California at Berkeley majoring in Communication Design. He wrote the following blog post (or should I say blog poem) on our internal social networking platform, Planet Blue, to celebrate his one year anniversary!

Clifton in Santa Clara

My first year anniversary with Intel is around the bend,

Two years, really, counting both my green and blue badge blend, (I worked one full year as a contract worker and now one year as a full time employee of Intel)

Since my hire date, I’ve truly had an awesome integration,

For the culture of excellence here has exceeded my wildest expectation,

From ETD in IT, to SMG GOP, (We love our acronyms at Intel: From Employee Training & Development in Information & Technology to Sales and Marketing Global Operations and Productivity)

From FM1, then FM4, and finally settling in FM3, (I work in Folsom, CA and the buildings on the campus are all called FM - (building number). I went from building 1, to building 4, and then settled in building 3, which sports a brand new work environment that’s more open and colorful)

It’s the people I work with who have been so courteous to me,

Both brilliant and inviting like a new found family,

I’ve received kudos from an online global recognition tool,

And where I’ve worked before recognition was never so cool, (It’s an online tool where employees can recognize others by sending a gift card award which can be used for a variety of A-Z merchants, including Amazon and Footlocker)

My kids and I enjoyed a River Cats game courtesy of a new employee group,

Providing shade from the sun, gift cards and drink and vegan food to boot (My children and I are Vegan and the group who sponsored this event ensured there were options for us!)

I’ve flown on a jet without first having to take off my shoes, (The Intel Shuttle is a private jet for travel between the main sites for employees to use. One of the perks: no security line so no need to remove your shoes prior to boarding)

Firing up my computer in the morning and reading Circuit news, (Circuit news is the Intel intranet where employees get Intel news and events)

Although I design and develop training so others can excel,

I am humbled every day by those around me who simply refuse to fail,

October 4th 2011: my first year here with Intel has been so sweet,

With plans to greet repeat years until my 7th year is complete,

After 7 years I’ve learned what happens, I get a lot of time away, (After 7 years, US Intel employees have the option to take an eight-week paid sabbatical)

Offering me the reward of loyalty and truly get paid to play

Thank you Intel - such a great place to work - a pillar of your mission,

Now I’m a seasoned employee and thanks to you it’s been a wonderful transition.