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Intel Enhances Family Benefits for Employees in Europe

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Intel is more than a leader in innovative technology, it is also an amazing place to work. Our employees’ talent and creativity are our most valuable assets, and we are committed to supporting the diverse aspects of their lives in the workplace and at home—from growing careers to growing families.

Welcoming a new addition to the family is one of the most significant moments in life, and we have recently revamped our parental leave policies to enable new parents to spend more time with their child. These enhanced benefits are already available to employees based in Poland, and will expand to other countries throughout Europe, including Germany and the United Kingdom, beginning June 1, 2017.

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One of the key enhancements to our family policy is the Bonding Leave benefit. This benefit gives new parents extra paid time off at full salary. The adjusted baseline is as follow:

  • 20 weeks paid leave for mothers/primary caregivers

  • 3 weeks paid leave for fathers/secondary caregivers

Families grow in many different ways, so these expanded benefits apply to Intel employees welcoming new children to their family through birth and adoption.

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Amazing talent thrives at Intel. Whether you are already a working parent or just starting out on the road to career and family, Intel might be a great fit for you. Discover opportunities to join the Intel family and make a difference with a career in technology today: Learn more about career opportunities here.

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