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When I was in college I used to think, “What options do I have for starting my career in an organization? Which role do I start my career with? How can I add value to the organization I join? Will I be able to do justice to my own career development? Am I important?”

It was difficult to get answers to these questions in the beginning of my career. But once I joined Intel, I could see how important I am as an employee and as an individual. For Intel, each employee is important and for those freshly out of college it is a great foundation.

Intel not only made me feel important, but took care of me and my career over the years. Intel makes a lot of effort to select the right talent – the best and brightest. Intel’s investments are headliners because Intel’s wisest investment is in the employees.

I have learned at Intel that getting fresh faces into the organization is so important; it helps us in getting the most innovative ideas. A great place to find this freshness is in our local colleges and universities. That’s why Intel India, and my team in particular, has a variety of college programs to offer and a strong college presence! We are connected with the best colleges around the country which means we’re making it easier for talented minds, such as yourself, to apply. There are different ways that college students can join Intel: students can join the intern program while College Graduates (CGs) can apply for full-time positions. You can take a look at it yourself at Jobs at Intel.

Today, I would like to highlight the intern program. The internship program is extremely important to us at Intel, as you may know from the posts we have had on internships in general, and specifically on internships in the UK and China. An internship can last from two months to one year with lots of opportunities to get involved on projects with lasting impact. This program becomes very important because at the end of the internship we evaluate the students’ performances and may offer jobs to outstanding performers. We have interns coming from across the country to be a part of Intel India’s growth. We have an Intel Scholar Program in India which helps us to connect up to the colleges. Under this program we have contests where we invite applications from students across the country to send in their proposals on certain key topics identified by Intel Technologists. Through this program we find the ‘best of the best’ and invite them to apply to relevant internship opportunities at Intel India.

The intern program in India is unique in its own way. The kind of projects, independence and sense of responsibility that is given to the interns helps them to get connected with the latest technology and the company at a very nascent stage of their career. They are exposed to the mentoring and guidance of the best of leaders to help them learn and grow and choose their area of expertise.

Now that you know about the Intern Program, I’m sure you are anxious to hear about the RCG hiring opportunities. All of these programs and Intel’s strong presence in colleges make the Intel India’s College Program a great success. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post where I’ll tell you more about RCG hiring.

In the meantime, you can visit the India Student Center and also log on to Jobs at Intelto check out the latest job opportunities that match your profile.

If you have the passion to change the world with innovation, I hope to see you at Intel.
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