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Intel Poland: INTELligent, attractive, and future perspectives

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Guest bloggers: Intel Europe Staffing Team

There is a rumor in Poland that IT companies are not the best places for females to work at. They also say that there aren’t many women who work at technology companies. We’re here to give you our take on the rumor. (And by we, I mean actual female employees who work at Intel Poland.) Hear from our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Intern, Anna, as well as Kamila and Agnieszka, both started as interns and currently work as a full-time employees in software and IT.




Every day I learn something new

Anna, Environment and EHS Specialist Intern

I always preferred the humanities, but when the time came for me to pick a university, I chose University of Technology in Gdansk. I graduated with a degree in work environment engineering and decided to pursue safety regulations in the workplace, which is why I’m studying EHS as my postgraduate studies and Master’s at the same time.

At Intel I work as an environment and EHS specialist intern. Generally, my duties include all the issues connected with environment and safety at work. (What that means is that I I am taking care of all the employees working at Intel when it comes to the work environment and safety.) This work gives me plenty of opportunities to keep in touch with people from each corner of the world, which is an amazing experience for me. Moreover, each day I gain new knowledge and improve my skills. Doing an internship in an international company makes me proud. Intel gave me the opportunity to cross boundaries and be innovative; it has helped me to develop my career, appreciate my work and educate me.

I believe this kind of work can suit both women and men. Women, who are not sure of whether to pursue a technology major, should look into combining this with humanities, just as I did.

Programming is a challenge

Kamila, Graphics Software EngineerSONY DSC

Ever since I remember, I have always enjoyed everything linked to mathematics. I liked solving logical and mathematical puzzles, so the choice of pursuing applied mathematics at the University of Technology in Gdansk came as somewhat obvious. During my studies, I came across programming for the first time and decided to approach it for its challenge. When I discovered the possibilities which IT is giving, I took up a second major: Computer Science. Now I am an applied mathematics graduate and a student in my last year of IT.

I work at Intel Corporation in the graphics department as an engineering intern- responsible for testing. My task is to test designed graphic card’s driver. It is really great knowing that I am, in some way, responsible for creating Intel products that are being used all over the globe. Intel takes care of its employees so they feel comfortable in their work space. Furthermore, every quarter we have integration events which help us get to know one another and make friends.

In my opinion, IT posts are as feminine as working in accountancy, finance, court of laws, medicine, etc. Even though only 5% of women decide to start IT studies, it makes us more visible and appreciated. I don’t know why there is a stereotype that working in IT sector is only for men. This job requires strict mind, logical thinking and ability to work in group. If a woman has these features she is as well suitable as a man to this profession. This job does not require physical strength, but intelligence and skills that are universal. I reckon each girl who has a predisposition to pure sciences should go for it! Girls, break stereotypes! It is your life and your future: the decision on what to do next lies in your hands!

SONY DSCIT is feminine

Agnieszka, Test Engineer

I graduated from the University of Technology in Gdansk as a Master of Arts Science engineer with a degree in applied mathematics. Currently, I am finishing a second major, computer science.

I have always wanted to study mathematics, as I just couldn’t imagine studying at a more humanities-focused university. My aim was a more practical approach towards mathematics which made the University of Technology an obvious choice.

Mathematics improves analytic and logical thinking- useful in any kind of engineering job. The combination of the two majors I chose worked for me. When I was in high school it never crossed my mind that I will be working as an IT specialist—now I cannot imagine doing anything else

My colleague encouraged me to start an internship at Intel. I got in and am responsible for testing graphics processing units. We create software solutions which enable automatic testing of computer graphics. An internship in an international company first and foremost teaches you to work in big groups, usually with people from all around the world. It teaches you not only how to work together but how to be culturally aware and tolerant. Even though we all come from different countries and backgrounds, we all communicate in the English language. I’m also proud of the work we do: we create things which are later on sold all over the world, and I am a part of this.

I cannot imagine a better post for a woman. It provides financial independence, flexible working hours, the possibility to work from home and a lot of experience. And because of that IT is the most feminine job I know. The only thing which appears unclear to me is the lack of interest women have showed towards this major.

There you have it, straight from our female employees. At Intel Corporation, we believe diversity is one of the key contributors to our success worldwide. Now what do you think about that rumor?
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