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Intel Poland’s Scholarship Program Encourages Women to Join STEM Careers

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In 2015, Intel began a program ‘New Technologies for Women” aimed at improving the representation of women in the tech industry in the long term by helping promising students get the education, training and experience they need to succeed. Each year, around 25 applicants are chosen to receive the Intel Scholarship Grant, which includes tuition money, mentoring from Intel engineers and a summer internship to give the winners real experience in their field of study. Since the program started, a number of scholarship winners have completed their studies and come to work for Intel in permanent positions. We’d like you to meet some of these brilliant women and hear about their experiences as students in the program and as Intel employees.

Ewelina Nowak


“I first learned about Intel’s scholarship program while I was at university. My friends told me that Intel Technology Poland had organized the program in collaboration with Perspectives, an educational foundation here. It sounded like a great opportunity so I applied. Before the announcement of scholarship winners I had also independently applied to Intel for a Software Engineering Intern position, which I was also offered. After a few weeks I received email that I was chosen get the scholarship too! It was pretty thrilling.

The most valuable experience from the program, in my opinion, was working with my mentor. Thanks to his knowledge and skills, I developed my technical skills, gained new experience and was able to more easily get out of comfort zone and build more self-confidence.”

Sylwia Wnuczko


“Intel’s scholarship program was a life changer for me. Through the program, I started a new career and met several people who were inspirations for me. Now I work at Intel and spend every day becoming a better engineer. Presently, I am preparing a scientific article to present at the international maritime university conference. There have been so many parts of this experience that are contributing to my future, it’s really been great.

I’m proud to be working here because Intel is promotes power for women, and organizes a lot of events and programs like the scholarship program that can help women find the best way to achieve success. I like that Intel gives me a lot of ways to develop myself. I can try a lot of different approaches and find the path that’s best for me. The company respects that employees are different, which is the power of Intel.”

Dominika Krzyszczyk


“The Intel Scholarship program taught me immense humbleness and respect for the work, for my associates and for time. I am a hot-headed person, and often look to achieve any goal I set myself to immediately, ideally yesterday. While the program didn’t stop my healthy spontaneity and ability to take risks, it opened my eyes to how much I could achieve with a little patience. In addition to the vast amount of knowledge I gained from a whole gamut of people with extremely different views and characters, I got to interact with, and even took on, many individual traits that I appreciated in each of them.

Intel is all about people. Incredible people doing even more amazing things both at work and outside with passion. You can hit a wall while working on different projects, but people can compensate for everything and turn the most boring thing under the sun into an interesting challenge or make the hardest task you've ever undertaken easy-peasy.”

For more information and resources on how you can become part of the New Technologies for Women Program in Poland, visit www.stypendiadladziewczyn.pl. You can learn more about life at Intel and the amazing things we do every day here.
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