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Intel Sport’s new Director of Product’s mission: Putting fans on the field with immersive technology

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This blog is guest authored by Intel Sport’s new Director of Product Jeff Chasen. With over 20 years of experience designing, building, and shipping innovative, world-class media products, Jeff will assist the Intel Sports team in transforming the sports industry. How? By creating immersive media experiences which leverage Intel’s powerful end-to-end technologies to capture, process, store, analyze, and deliver massive amounts of data to delight and deeply engage viewers worldwide. Read on to learn more about Jeff and his vision for enabling new ways to tell stories, empowering the ability to see all angles of the action, and giving viewers the freedom to interact with content the way they want.

HeadShot-e1563561375528-1024x652.jpgI am super excited to join Intel and Intel Sports. Throughout my career, I have focused on building consumer media products that push technology and experiences beyond what was thought possible. I helped design and build products such as the world’s first digital piano teacher, the first large-scale digital music jukebox and video streaming player (RealJukebox and RealPlayer), and most recently helped Amazon expand Prime Video to a global audience. After deciding to leave Seattle for a new adventure, I started the search to find a new home that would offer me the chance once again to bring new, innovative media experiences to the world. The most important things for me when choosing a new opportunity are (1) the team and (2) the product. The team I met at Intel was super passionate about the product and the future and honestly really fun to interview with. The decision to join Intel Sports was easy. I love sports—especially football (I’m a huge Seahawks fan). The immersive media experiences we’re building are so compelling and innovative that I believe they will be as revolutionary and impactful as delivering video streaming was to consumers around the world. This is ultimately why I joined Intel Sports—to work with an awesome team to help bring these new experiences to as many people as possible.

My vision of the future

When I think about the future, I always start with the consumer—with people. As we’ve developed different experiences to entertain ourselves (live theater, movies, TV, sporting events, concerts, etc.), we have constantly strived to experience these forms in a way that closely mirrors how we experience the world through our five senses as much as possible. We are also naturally very social and experiencing any of these forms socially allows us to more naturally mirror how we experience the real world. For example, audiences in live theater always want to be as close to the stage as possible (those are always the most expensive seats—I know, I am a huge Broadway fan and it is expensive). If I could pay to be on the stage with the actors, I would. With movies and TV, we have created larger and larger movie and TV screens, increased the video resolution, invented multi-dimensional sound, and added 3D. And now, social media allows us to experience all this with others in real-time. For sporting events and concerts, we’ve built huge venues that allow for an immersive and live social experience. Again, if I could pay to be on the field or the stage in these venues so I could interact with and experience the event how I wanted, I would. So, as I look to the future, that is what I see—new technologies and products that are driven by our endless human desire to better experience the world in ways that are fully immersive.

Intel Sports is focused on enabling totally immersive and innovative ways of experiencing sports—that feel both new and natural. We can’t pay to be on the field during an NFL game or the court during an NBA game or the soccer field during a European fixture. In fact, even if we could, we couldn’t get all the perspectives we’d want and we’d likely be trampled by the players. In the very near future, Intel® True View will allow every consumer to do just that with all the perks and none of the risks. You will be able to experience an event as if you were right in the middle of the action, but even better as you’ll be able to do that from any perspective or vantage point. You’ll also be able to interact with the content directly and share your favorite moments with your friends and family.

My vision of the future is one where we can leverage technology to take advantage of our senses to better and more realistically experience the forms of entertainment we’ve created. Our goal at Intel Sports is to make that vision a reality. I’m thrilled to be part of this mission.
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