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Intel Vietnam Graduates Series: Meet Huynh Thi My Ngoc, Manufacturing Supervisor

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My-Ngoc-edit-1-small.jpgIn this series we’re featuring a few recent graduates who found a new home at Intel Products Vietnam. We recently spoke with My Ngoc to learn about her experience both as a student intern and then a full-time employee at Intel Vietnam. Read on to discover what made her want to pursue an engineering career at Intel.
Where did you graduate from?

I studied industrial systems engineering at Ho Chi Minh City International University and graduated in November 2020. In early 2020, I interned in the within the Technical Engineering Group – Assembly Finish Department at Intel Vietnam. At the end of my internship, I nailed the interview to be a full-time manufacturing supervisor at Manufacturing Department, and I returned to Intel in that role following graduation.
Why did you become an engineer?

My passion for engineering was inspired by my father—a senior mechanical engineer. To me, he is the greatest engineer who has guided me on my engineering path. Apart from that, when I was a high school student, I was good at working with numbers and calculations. Most of my time was spent on studying science subjects, math, physics, etc. Therefore, I do believe that being an engineer is the right choice for me.
You said that being an engineer helps you to be the better version of yourself. How so?

Engineers are defined as those who invent, design, analyze, and build up systems and construction to achieve organizational goals. Thanks to talented engineers and technologists around the world numerous abstract ideas have become reality, such as the internet, unmanned vehicles controlled by AI, smart homes, virtual reality, etc. The perfect combination of engineers and technologies creates magic for the world and optimizes human work.

In my perspective, working as an engineer teaches me to view objects and events from different angles before drawing any conclusion. After graduation, I believe that I can manage my life systematically and optimally and make better decisions based on observations, data, and evidence.
How did you hear about Intel?

I was lucky enough to be a Dariu Female Engineering Scholarship recipient in 2018. The scholarship was sponsored by Intel, so I had a chance to visit the Intel Vietnam manufacturing site located in Saigon Hi-Tech Park, Ho Chi Minh City and to experience #IamIntel working life. Impressed by the hi-tech process flow and dynamic culture, I set a goal for myself to be a part of Intel Vietnam in the future.
What has been your experience at Intel Vietnam?

During my internship, I was assigned to a module and had opportunities to attend training courses to learn how each tool in the module worked and supported others. I was also the project coordinator for my department and worked with different stakeholders. Thanks to that, I enhanced my teamwork and communication skills.

I can proudly say that at Intel, interns have the chance to experience knowledge in practice, meet many incredible and supportive people who share valuable information and skills, and participate in many social clubs, including photography, soccer, zumba, yoga, drawing, running, etc., that can help them balance work-life better.

The Intel Values are my guiding star at work, among which I appreciate being Customer Obsessed the most. That value helps me to achieve high quality at work—and understand that everything is based on a process to eliminate mistakes and problems so as not to face the same ones again in the future.

Thank you, Intel, for making my dream come true!

Want to pursue your engineering dreams in a supportive and innovative workplace? Check out opportunities at Intel Vietnam here and join us!
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