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Intel Vietnam’s Nancy Bui on How Her Engineering Career Empowers Her to Be Fearless

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The following blog is part of a series focused on Women Leaders in Intel Vietnam.

In this series we spoke with some of the female leaders of Intel Vietnam, acknowledging and celebrating their contributions and achievements in their career. The series also shares the leaders’ thoughts to encourage and inspire women to pursue their dream career and take up more leadership roles.
Meet Nancy Bui

Growing up, Nancy Bui was always curious about how things worked—like how a computer sends a message through the Internet. Nancy found technology fascinating. Nancy dreamed of working at Intel when she was still studying for her bachelor’s degree in network and communication systems at the University of Information Technology, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City. Now, Nancy is an IT process integration and control manager at Intel Products Vietnam. In her nine years with Intel, Nancy has held a variety of roles, starting as a shift automation engineer intern, then working as a station controller, and is currently an IT manager.

As someone who is careful, detailed, and process oriented, Nancy has found these traits to be beneficial in her career. Moreover, she has found support throughout her career – within Intel, there are many programs that support women in tech. One example, the Women@Intel Network, empowers women to thrive through advocacy, meaningful connections, and strategic opportunities in a supportive and inclusive environment.

In 2018, Nancy was promoted to process integrator and control manager, an accomplishment for which, she shares, “I felt so proud! I was the first IT local engineer getting promoted into a people management position. The promotion came sooner than I expected.” Managing around fifteen engineers who support all software applications in the mega factory gives her the opportunity to connect with people not only from other departments but from around the world, in places like the United States, India, Costa Rica, Malaysia, China, Israel, and Ireland. Nancy appreciates exchanging knowledge and learning from such a diverse group.

What excites her most about her job? The “ah-hah” moment when a problem is solved after persistent efforts to best support the production. Nancy also finds rewards in leading her young and energetic team—coaching them, spreading positive thinking, and driving them to grow and contribute to organizational goals.

The Intel value that Nancy takes as her guiding star is being Fearless to learn, adjust, and innovate. She recalls, “when I was still in my engineering role, my manager opened a project leader position to lead a whole new project to improve one aspect of the Assembly and Test Manufacturing site. Everyone from other sites around the world who were on similar projects were very experienced, while most of my team were not ready and worried about failure. With much encouragement and support from my mentors and managers, as well as my passion for improvement, I took the project leader role. The project turned out more successful than I imagined. What I learned, and I think this would be my advice for younger generations too, is do not wait until you feel fully ready, just see what opportunities are out there and seize them when they arise.”

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