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Intel among the best, says Working Mother

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Guest blogger: Katherine Webster

Intel and Working Mother magazine share a common goal—help working parents meet the competing demands of work and family. To achieve this goal, Intel’s Work/Life programs offer a wide range of creative solutions to support families. And our commitment has been recognized, with Intel making the Working Mother list of 100 best companies once again this year.

Each day working parents or caregivers face a plethora of responsibilities—from managing childcare, caring for an aging relative, or coping with the stress and pressures of everyday life. Intel is committed to creating a supportive and flexible environment that helps you manage your work and personal responsibilities.


Intel provides employees flexibility to manage their work and personal lives. A flexible work schedule can come in many forms—alternate start times, telecommuting, part-time, or even job sharing.

At Intel there are different shift types. Wendi a fab employee and mother of two, works a reduced, “compressed” 32-hour schedule. Wendy said, “I enjoy my job and the reduced work schedule allows me to contribute to Intel and be available to my family.”

It is not just working parents who may find the need for flexibility. Employees in care-giving situations can also benefit from a flexible work schedule. One employee notes, “Having the flexibility to telecommute while I was caring for my ailing father meant that I was available to support my family and also contribute to work.”

New parent reintegration

The New Parent Reintegration program is a great example of one of Intel’s Flexibility programs. It allows new parents the opportunity to temporarily modify their work schedule for a defined period of time and helps them as they transition back to a regular full-time schedule.

Deb, who is in Human Resources and the mother of 2-year-old twins, took advantage of the program and says, “This program and the support I received from my manager and peers allowed me to successfully transition back to work. Each Work/life program I’ve used feels like it is a well designed effort to allow me to contribute as an employee and take care of my family at the same time.”


Intel is committed to enhancing child care solutions for working parents. From priority enrollment to back-up childcare, there are a wide range of solutions available that provide flexibility and peace of mind.

Monica, who is in IAG and the mother of two, used an Intel-sponsored childcare center. “The center was great and became an informal support network of parents who understood Intel and the challenges of being a working parent,” said Monica.

Monica has also used the back-up childcare option. “It was so easy and convenient. I have peace of mind knowing the option is available should my in-home daycare provider be unable to provide care,” said Monica.

Every family we spoke to is a little bit different, but one thing that was consistent across: Intel’s flexible benefits helped them effectively manage their work/life with their life/life.