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Intel on Working Mother's 'best' list

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Note from the blog manager: Intel was named for the ninth time to Working Mother Magazine’s best companies list. Companies were selected based on an extensive application with more than 650 questions on workforce representation, childcare, flexibility programs, leave policies and more. It also surveys the usage, availability and tracking of programs, as well as the accountability of managers who oversee them. Hear from some of the working moms that have used our family-friendly programs

Guest Blogger: Elizabeth Crupe from Intel’s Internal Employee Communications Team

Today Working Mother magazine released its annual ‘Working Mother 100 Best Companies’ list and for the ninth time, Intel is honored.

“Making the list is a strong affirmation that we are doing the right things,” says Dana, Corporate Work/Life Programs Manager. “We are proud of our work/life efforts that help working moms—and all employees—achieve success on and off the job.” We remain committed to making Intel a great place to work by providing work/life solutions, career development opportunities, and health and well-being programs.

Ease back into work with new parent reintegration

RoxieandFam-thumb-350x233For women returning from maternity leave, there is the “New Parent Reintegration” (NPR) program. This program allows employees to temporarily modify their work schedule for a defined period of time after returning to work.

Roxanne, a quality reliability engineer at Fab 32 , used the new parent reintegration program after the birth of her son in 2009. “After returning from maternity leave, I was able to gradually increase my work schedule from 20 hours to 32 hours and back up to 40 hours”. Her manager at the time, Doyle, was able to redistribute her work to make the program work. “I am glad Intel has a program like this and pleased that with the support of coworkers, we were able to accommodate Roxanne’s reintegration.”

Backup childcare when you need it

We offer a range of childcare solutions to meet the changing needs of parents from priority enrollment at local childcare centers to emergency backup childcare to a family childcare network. Backup childcare is a widely used program.

Ellen, a communications specialist at the Folsom site, uses backup care. “When my mother-in-law was ill with cancer and my husband had to be by her side, we used back up care several times. I was able to go to the office and he was able to take her to the hospital for treatment.”

Resources available for parents of special needs children

TriciaandFam-thumb-403x336Intel supports employees who have a child or other dependent with special needs by providing a special needs resource site.

Tricia, a program manager at the Folsom site has three young children. One has exceptional medical and developmental needs. In 2009, McCue started the Folsom Caregiver support group. The group is dedicated to helping those in need of information on care giving, whether it is for a child with special needs, a disabled loved one, or help with an elderly parent or relative. “These are situations no one asks to be put in and connecting with professional resources or other employees along a similar journey can be essential to your well being,” says Tricia.

Exploring career opportunities


Parents have ever-changing priorities, but focusing time on your family doesn’t mean that your career opportunities need to be put on hold. Intel’s career development model, which emphasizes on-the-job training, provides the best opportunity to expand career horizons and gain new experiences and job skills through temporary assignments in other departments, team projects, and formal job rotations.

Liz, a benefits design manager in Compensation & Benefits and mother of one, expanded her horizons by completing not one, but two rotations in the last year.
“My rotations turned out to be one of the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding activities I’ve done at Intel. My HR knowledge and abilities grew exponentially and I ended each rotation feeling exceptionally proud of everything I accomplished.”

These are just a sampling of the programs that Intel offers for Work/Life effectiveness. Whatever your life situation is, Intel offers a range of options to help.