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Intern Voices: Advice for Future Rock Stars

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Note from the blog manager: Summer is quickly coming to an end. Find out what the interns believe is valuable information to pass on to the Intel Intern Class of 2012. What does it take to have a successful internship experience?

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost two full months since I started working at Intel. I’ve been learning constantly and it’s based on this I offer my advice. Get as involved as possible in your group. Find a way to automate your tasks and/or make them simpler so you can do more. Go the extra mile! Don’t sit in your cube and just complete your tasks as assigned (though do complete them). Complete them and go ask for more. Learn as much as you can and help improve how your team works. When you get more involved, you’re exposed to significantly more about your team’s work then you would otherwise be. It also has a nice side benefit of increasing your chances of being rehired.

Ryan, Component Design Engineering Intern, Purdue University

Embrace everything about Intel from day 1. Embrace the networking opportunities, culture, and Intel way of life.

Joshua, Logistics Technical Intern, Penn State University

Make as many connections as possible. Get to know your entire team well as well as workers and managers doing work related to yours. Ask your managers and coworkers about their careers and how they arrived to where they’re at now. Build strong relationships with interns and recent new hires as well as they will be your community if you get hired permanently later on. Find enjoyment both at work and outside it during you internship and push yourself to try as many new things as possible.

Joseph, Pre-silicon Validation Engineering Intern, University of Michigan

Be flexible. From day one I was looked at as resource on my team from a work standpoint to a simple “give us your opinion” standpoint. That really surprised me. Additionally I’ve been asked to do everything from code C++ to manually set up computer hardware. My advice is to be open, engaged and flexible. It will help you be successful here.

Philip, Software Engineering Intern, Colorado Technical University

ASK! don’t leave any questions unanswered. Learn your organization and its history, it makes it much easier to provide solutions that add value because you know what’s been done and what is a future necessity which puts you as a commodity to the group’s lifetime.

Joy, Integrated Process Modeling Intern, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Never stop offering to help! It could be as simple as sending an email for someone. People appreciate help and will always remember that you offered to help them out. Most times they will even return the favor! People like when you are vocal and speak up rather than being quiet and reserved.

Jacob, Business Analyst Intern, Hope College

My advice to new interns is to simply take advantage of every intern event that is held. There are many events throughout the summer ranging from very informative group meeting talks and brown bags to intern events designed for the interns and CGs to have fun and explore the area. At each event you meet new people, have the opportunity to network with professionals as well as other interns and CGs, and learn a lot of valuable information that will benefit you in your career ahead. There is not one event I went to that I felt disappointed and did not learn anything. Take full advantage of the many great opportunities Intel gives you during your internship!

Oliver, Software Engineering Intern, Georgia College and State University

My advice would be to take full advantage of all the knowledgeable people working here at Intel and to network as much as possible with everyone you come in contact with because everyone has a story. Also, the internship program only takes you as far as the amount of work you devote.

Akeem, Business Analyst Intern, Penn State University

There you have it! Thanks to all of our interns who have contributed to the blog over the summer. We wish you the best of luck as you return back to campus for classes and hope to see you soon! Visit our US Student Center to find out about opportunities at Intel for college students!