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Intern Voices: Did you say FREE fruit?

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Note from the blog manager: Free fruit is only one of the many great perks interns get to take advantage of during their internships. However, it’s not just all apples and oranges at this company! Read what the interns have found to be the best perks at Intel.

The fitness center and basketball courts are amazing. It really helps and encourages me to stay active.

Iman, Processor Validation Intern, University of Michigan

I enjoy the opportunity to take a break from work and enjoy the nice weather. A game of volleyball, basketball, or a quick run helps you reenergize, clear your mind, and allows you to get know your coworkers away from their desks.

Lucy, Human Resources Intern, The University of Iowa

DSC02516-thumb-300x225My favorite perk at Intel is the fitness center, mainly because it goes beyond a typical gym. The major aspect that sounds out initially is the fact that Intel employees are able to join fitness classes such as the popular p90x, Insanity, and cycling. These classes are offered to the employees at no or very low cost and with flexible time schedules. Employees are able to join fitness classes before their work day, during lunch, or even after work.

Akeem, Business Analyst Intern, Penn State University

My favorite perk is having the chance to meet other interns at fun events, especially since I don’t get to interact with many on a day-to-day basis in my lab! The people I’ve met and experiences I’ve had competing in the intern Olympics against Nike, going on weekend trips around Oregon, or visiting the other campuses to listen to different speakers has really made my internship memorable.

Valeria, Technical Intern, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Few things are as satisfying as the selection, price, and convenience of the on-campus cafeterias. It further helps that they use high-quality, healthy, and often-local ingredients.

Sean, Software Cryptography Intern, Digipen Institute of Technology

I love the free fruit! It is the perfect snack at 2 p.m. I also love the Test Development Engineering Library that is open to everyone in the department. We can grab books on programming and fiction novels, whatever maybe our fancy. My personal favorites are the Clive Cussler novels.CIMG4880-thumb-300x400

Shruti, Software and Firmware Engineering Intern, Stanford University

My favorite perk about Intel is the people that I get to work and network with!

Gabrielle, Business Operation Intern, California State University of Sacramento

I appreciate how well our administrators take care of us. Whether we need a height adjustment to our work desk, a foot rest, a USB portable mouse, laptop messenger bag or backpack, dual monitor screens, or monitor stand(s), they ensure that we have everything we need to work in the most comfortable and ergonomic state possible. My admin is also very friendly by nature and patiently answers any general questions I may have about working at Intel.

Liana, Process Engineering Intern, UC Berkeley

My favorite perk is the game tables (pool, ping-pong, foosball); for use during breaks, of course.

Ryan, Finance Intern, University of Washington


Being able to wear casual clothes everyday is an awesome perk. Allowing me to be comfortable at work makes concentrating on what I need to much easier and makes work that much more enjoyable!

Oliver, Software Engineering Intern, Georgia College and State University

I think my favorite perk would be the on campus cafeterias here. It’s nice to be able to eat almost anything I could want! The blue badge discount makes it cost about as much as if I were to pack my lunch (even if it were just a ham sandwich and some chips). That being said, any lunch I could make would taste nowhere near as good as what I can get in the cafeteria, so there’s no reason to not eat at the cafeteria.

CJ, Software Engineering Intern, Virginia Tech University

As interns, we get so many opportunities to hear from very influential people within the company. Learning about strategies to succeed within Intel is definitely my favorite perk about being an Intern here at Intel.

Lidia, Finance Analyst Intern, Oregon State University


I never acquired the taste for coffee, but still found it necessary to join the ranks of all those who worship caffeine. I am a Diet Coke* fiend so for me the best perk about working for Intel is the free soda.

Adrienne, Software and Service Group Operations Intern, Penn State University

There’s nothing like going out to the parking lot on the Folsom campus after work and playing a few pickup games of basketball. I think it’s so awesome that Intel has provided some solid courts. It definitely makes it a GPTW! Jacob, Business Analyst Intern, Hope College

Free fruit! Can’t beat free vitamin C and potassium!

Joe, Sales and Marketing Intern, Georgia Institute of Technology (by way of the University of Florida, Go Gators!)


I enjoy grabbing the free fruit in the cafe to help boost my energy after commuting by bike to work. Being able to bike to work is also another great part of working at Intel.

Michael, Software Engineering Intern,Ohio State University

I’m a fan of the Employee Purchase Plan personally. I’ve been itching to upgrade my PC and, with a huge discount on a variety of computer components, this seemed like a great opportunity to do so.

Ryan, Component Design Engineer Intern, Purdue University

I love the great discounts that we get on Intel products plus all of the events that are organized by the GPTW!

Ivan, Research Intern, University of Texas at Austin