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Intern Voices premiere issue! So many choices, so why Intel?

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Note from the blog manager: The premiere of Intern Voices, presents the first of our weekly questions. We asked our interns to enumerate why they chose Intel as the founding of their careers. While we had an overwhelming number of responses crying the praises of its diverse culture, rich research and development fields, challenging and exciting projects, we now highlight a few choice responses which offer unique perspective into the Intel allure. Check back each week to see what our interns have to say about their internship experience!

jeetu-thumb-153x153Jithendra, Software Engineer Intern, Penn State University

Currently, state of the art applications are scaling to millions of users and we need higher performance and faster response times from these apps. Application development for multi-cores (parallel computing) is going to be, or has already been, mainstream in many organizations. I work in the Intel® Math Kernel Library group; MKL group optimizes math kernels for best performance on multi-core architectures. From an engineering perspective programming for various multi-cores has interesting challenges and exciting problems. Being at Intel gives me the opportunity to work on these problems directly and gives me access to the most advanced technologies.

austin-thumb-153x153Austin Gibbons, Concurrency Development Intern, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

My interest in this internship was guided by the project on which I would be developing and the group whom I would be working with. I work in the Extreme Technologies Research Laboratory (XTL) on the Ubiquitous High Performance Computing (UHPC) project. From my time as an undergraduate, I knew that I wanted to contribute to the generation of Exascale computing). I want to be the catalyst through which concurrency paradigms are able to mirror advancements in highly parallel architecture development. While it is certainly a complex and magnanimous problem, it is the importance and reach of the project that excited me into interning at Intel.

larry-thumb-153x153Lawrence, Technical Intern, University of Utah

Intel was my choice for a summer internship because the size of the company offers the opportunity to move around in a department to find out what you like to do best. I have always been nervous when it comes to exactly what I actually want to do in a company with my degree. However, Intel makes that choice much easier in its internship program with the help of powerful learning tools and experienced people. Intel may be a large company, but they are concerned about their employees, especially when it comes to personal needs such as health, happiness, and career goals. Intel over the years has proven to shed its skin by continuously changing its methods, focus and values to ultimately transform with the world around it. That is what makes Intel the technology leader and a great place to work!

Zoe-thumb-153x153Zoe, HR Intern, Portland State University

The first thing I did when I was looking for an internship was read all of the mission statements and beliefs for each company that interested me. Trust me, I didn’t get very far before I found one that couldn’t be beat. I was so impressed and inspired by the unique approach that Intel has to create an environment in which the sky is the limit for success. Intel innovates and inspires by valuing the happiness of their employees, and the qualities that each employee can contribute by allowing them to explore and use their personal attributes to strengthen the company. It’s not only about desiring personal success, it’s the company‘s desire to create a more successful world. These are the things that made it clear to me that this is the place I want to be, and that is why I chose Intel for my internship.

akeem2-thumb-153x153Akeem, Business Analyst Intern, Pennsylvania State University

Intel was my choice for my internship because while I was searching, there was a huge emphasis on the fact that Intel is a great place to work with many accolades from reputable sources to back it up. After speaking with recruiters at my school, I knew that Intel was perfect for me. My interviewers were wonderful and from that point on I was sold. I learned that the employees at Intel work extremely hard and have fun, a staple of my life. Intel’s goals and pillars directly align with my own personal goals. In addition, Intel provides bountiful resources for all employees to succeed including training and development courses. Overall, I am very happy with my choice to work for Intel and I am eager to work here after I graduate.

peat-thumb-153x153Oliver, Software Engineer Intern, Georgia College & State University

I chose to intern at Intel because they were one of the very few companies that actually did research on ME! When Intel first contacted me, it was evident they researched my past work experiences. They understood what companies I have worked for and what they were all about. Based on this, they were able to place me as an intern within a group that fit me perfectly, where I am able to learn an enormous amount in technologies that interest me most, with people that care about making the most out of my time here.

Planet Blue-Enlarged (2)-thumb-153x153Philip, Software Engineer Intern, Colorado Technical University

Intel was my choice for an internship because of the Jobs at Intel blog. It was there that I was able to read about other intern’s experiences at Intel and learn more about the amazing benefits of acquiring an internship with the company. What really appealed to me was that other intern’s spoke about the fact that their internships didn’t just consist of “getting coffee” but that they were given challenging work to do on important projects. Now that I am an intern, I can verify that the blog posts that I had read were completely accurate. Right out of the gate I was assigned a challenging project which gave me a huge amount confidence in my abilities. I believe that true learning occurs when you are given the opportunity to find solutions to very challenging problems, and I appreciate the opportunity that I have been given to take on complex projects at Intel.

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