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Interning at Intel Gave Morgan a Sneak Peek into His Career

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morgan-2x1-1.pngPutting Education into Action
Morgan Rockett started at Intel working in IP Logic Design/Validation as an intern while still attending Northeastern University. The 8-month opportunity provided him with necessary time where he felt he could make a larger engineering impact. “The ramp-up period is significant, and it takes several months to come up to speed. With the longer internship you are able to make more of a technical contribution and gain a deeper understanding of project scope.” Completing the internship while still in school gave Morgan the opportunity to put his education into action right away, he says. “Daily, I found myself drawing upon fundamentals from certain courses, such as Digital Logic Design and Computer Organization, both to understand the intention of RTL code and to make contributions. Concepts from the class Algorithms and Data Structures proved useful when writing scripts towards the end of my internship at Intel.”

Gaining Advantages at the Workplace
Intel was not Morgan’s only internship. His previous experience with smaller companies made the adjustment to Intel feel like a big jump, but with that came some advantages. One of the major benefits Morgan took advantage of was access to career mentors and senior leadership, and their willingness to share guidance and advice.

Finding Community and Connections
Morgan joined Intel’s NextGen Employee resource group for young professionals about 6 months after he started fulltime at Intel as the Director of Strategy. He has found that the group offers great opportunities for leadership development, career growth, and networking. “As an intern, I was grateful that the leaders of this group put so much time into organizing social events and making new employees feel welcome.” The inter-site networking that NextGen offers also opened up a whole new set of opportunities to find like-minded people. “Some of my favorite events are the recurring lunch socials and the Blue Hills hike. To build the strongest connections, it is essential to get to know one’s co-workers outside of purely technical work, and I’m glad that the board of NextGen sees value in that.”


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